PX4 Compact Carry with LTT Trigger Job


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PX4 Compact Carry with LTT Trigger Job

In collaboration with Ernest Langdon, The Beretta PX4 Compact Carry was developed with custom features to offer a lightweight hammer fired concealed carry gun.  New for 2024, the PX4 Compact now comes standard from Beretta with a spurless hammer and new iron sights featuring a blacked-out rear notch and an orange dot front post.  The LTT Trigger Job includes the black DLC-coated Optimized Performance Trigger Bar that reduces the reset in single action to 1/10 of an inch, and the optional match hammer reduces pre-travel enough to rival world-class single action only pistols. Don't miss these new add-on's! 


  • Spurless hammer
  • LTT trigger job
    • ArmorLube DLC coated Optimized Performance Trigger Bar
    • Gunsmith-tuned trigger engagement surfaces
    • 11# Chrome Silicon hammer spring
  • G-model Carry-style decocker levers
  • Extended magazine release button
  • Three 15-round magazines
  • Rubber Talon Grips (not installed)
  • LTT logo engraving


  • RDO cut:
    • o   Similar adaptor plate as the LTT 92 RDO system with an integrated back-up rear sight that is matched to the height of the replaceable front sight for proper point of impact. Please Note: RDO Slides are re-cerakoted, and this process will cover the painted red dot on the decocker lever area. 
  • NP3 Package:
    • o   Cut and crowned barrel, LTT Trigger Job and NP3 on the trigger group internals, the magazines, hammer and barrel. *NP3 Guns will still receive a DLC coated Trigger Bar*
  • Gray Guns Steel Flat Trigger:
    • o   All-metal replacement trigger
  • Compensator, Pistol Light + Spring Precision Magazine Extension Kit: ADD ON HERE
  • Boresight Solutions Stippling - ADD ON HERE:
    • o   If you select this option, we send the frame to Boresight while the other parts are in process at NP3 and/or RDO Cut - 8-12 weeks additional lead time.

Approximate Trigger Pull:

  • DA: 5.3 to 6lbs
  • SA: 3.5 to 4lbs
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With Trigger Job: 2-5 business days
With Trigger Job and NP3: 6-8 weeks 
With Trigger Job and RDO Cut: 6-8 weeks
With Trigger Job, NP3 and RDO Cut: 6-8 weeks
ATTN CALIFORNIA: The PX4 Compact Carry is NOT rostered in CA, and can only be purchased from LTT by LEOs or FFLs. 

Please see our Firearms Purchase Policy prior to checking out - by purchasing a firearm from LTT you confirm that you have read and understand our Firearms Purchase Policy.

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  • 5
    PX4 Compact Carry

    Posted by Joshua Stark on Jul 24th 2020

    First of all, LTT customer service is amazing. Always professional and quick to answer any questions I had while my firearm was being prepared. Then there is the Firearms that they provide. Every one of them is top notch and I have no doubt that as the options continue to grow that this level of excellence will be evident in the future.

  • 5
    Compact Carry

    Posted by Jim Talerico on Jun 10th 2020

    Very good job

  • 4
    What Took Me So Long?

    Posted by William on Jun 5th 2020

    I've heard good things about the PX4 for a long time, but just never gave it the attention it deserves. After learning firsthand what great work they do at LTT by purchasing the Elite 92G, I decided to give the PX4 Compact Carry a closer look. I got the model with the LTT trigger job and OP trigger bar. The fit, finish and feel of the firearm are excellent. Ergonomics are great for my hands with the medium backstrap. While the sides of the grip are slick, the front and backstrap texture provide good purchase, and the included rubber Talon grip adhesive or a stipple job can make it agreeable to just about anyone I imagine. The grip angle points perfectly for me, and the action is very smooth with the rotating barrel design. Speaking of which, while the barrel lock up design does mitigate some muzzle flip, there is still a felt recoil commensurate with a short barrelled 9mm compact pistol. Still, the gun shoots great, and precise follow up shots can be made quickly. The best part of the gun, as was to be expected knowing LTT quality, was the trigger - 7.5# DA, 3.5# SA and both smooth as silk! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the sights are a little off. I've got a slide shoe coming from Brownells for my MGW RangeMaster Sight Pusher, so that will be a quick fix in short order. Nothing's perfect, but the PX4 coupled with what Langdon Tactical can do is probably as close as you can get. This one's a no brainer folks, just buy it!

  • 5
    PXR Compact Carry With LTT Trigger Job

    Posted by Shane B on May 28th 2020

    Langdon Tactical has worked their magic once again. My new PX4 compact carry is an illustrious creation of goodness to say the least. The trigger is as lubricious as ball bearings on a wet glass surface and the finish and fitment are from another planet. Are you not surprised! Everything Langdon puts out is basically hand balanced and blueprinted like a fine machine. All the parts interact harmoniously and they just run! At the range it shot very accurate and to point of aim. I also noticed the nice ejection pattern it made with no wild stallions busting out of the corral and putting a hot one down my shirt. A tuned firearm with a good trigger is easier to control and much safer to handle and shoot accurately. Yes, it just makes good sense to use the very best if you can!

  • 5
    Awesome customer service and top-notch experience.

    Posted by Steve on May 21st 2020

    I have to say that Aimee and Ernest provided me some great customer service. Long story short, LTT was super cool about allowing me some flexibility on a training class I booked well before the pandemic. I ended up asking them to apply my tuition to a PX4 Compact Carry even though they offered me an outright refund more than once as I was on the fence about getting a gun. Aimee personally refunded my tuition and placed my firearm order with me on the phone. I got the fully customized PX4 Compact Carry and it shipped in literally less than 24 hours - during the pandemic. I couldn’t believe it. I emailed the LTT team to thank them and Ernest gave Aimee all the credit. Fast forward a mere few days - and I was on the range for the the first time in months - and on my 3rd or 4th Mag with the new PX4 Compact Carry, I was able to smoke the 10 yards Vickers test in 7.73 seconds with a score of 97. And I’m not some awesome marksman by any stretch of the imagination. But the work LTT did with the PX4 makes it an awesome shooting gun. Trigger and reset were impressive. The gun is, as reported, very flat shooting. LTT’s choice of the sights was spot on. My overall experience was seriously awesome (especially during a pandemic). If you are on the fence about working with LTT or picking up a PX4 Compact Carry - don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it. The only way my gun could have been better is if it came with the LTT logo stamped on the top of the slide like I saw in some of the early online reviews I was able to find. Would have been proud to have it on the slide.

  • 5
    PX4 Compact

    Posted by Heather on May 19th 2020

    My husband purchased this for me after his excellent experience with acquiring a 92 Elite Centurion. The PX4 is ergonomically perfect for me. The feel of LTT trigger job is phenomenally smooth and easily controllable. I look forward to stellar range results and the practice necessary to be worthy of such a fantastic firearm.

  • 5
    Excellent gun

    Posted by Tom on May 9th 2020

    I picked up my px4 compact carry 2 weeks ago. Made it to the range today. I was thoroughly impressed. I'm no gun expert. I was hitting the target every time. I would recommend this gun to anyone.

  • 5
    PX4 Compact Carry w LTT trigger job

    Posted by Steve Schiemann on Mar 26th 2020

    This is my 2nd PX4 CC w Earnest's trigger job. I now have one for practice and one to carry after I break it in. It is a great little DA/SA pistol. Thanks Earnest for the design and improved trigger!

  • 5
    LTT PX4 Compact Carry

    Posted by Bruce on Mar 15th 2020

    Another outstanding pistol from Langdon Tactical! I was looking for something smaller than the 92 compact (always been my favorite Beretta) for regular carry. This is a skosh smaller (depending on what angle you want to take to look at it) than the Glock 19, has a fantastic single action, and very good double action trigger. It has thus far not malfunctioned with a variety of ball and Federal HST 147 grain ammunition. My round count is not particularly high yet, but not the first hint of trouble so far. Accuracy is outstanding which has always been my experience with Beretta. I replaced the "stealth de-cock levers" with the slightly more pronounced "carry" levers sold on this web site. The stealth levers are fine, but do wear on you with some use in a longer shooting session. I would highly recommend a buyer switch them out, easy to do, took me just a few minutes and they work great. Sights, are like they were made for me, I like the plain rear and tritium/orange up front for a carry gun. Plenty of width difference between the front blade and rear notch. Perfect for a carry gun, with no loss of speed or accuracy out to medium ranges completely within the expected use of a carry gun. I alsoI have to admit nice for a shooter deep into their 50s as well. This is simply a very well done carry pistol, I don't see how anyone could go wrong with it to this point in my user experience.

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