Firearm Purchase Policy

Firearm Purchase Policy


As of October 1st 2022, ALL Firearm purchases are FINAL. LTT Cannot accept any changes or cancellations to firearm orders.
LTT proudly stands behind all workmanship and custom work performed in our shop - please contact us for any repair or service concerns.

We, Langdon Tactical Technology, Inc. sell firearms, ammo and custom firearms only in accordance with Federal, State, and Local firearm laws.

In order to Purchase Firearms Online:
You must be 18 or older to purchase long guns and 21 or older to purchase handguns. Check your local & state laws. You must complete the following steps listed below before we can process your order.

  1. Verify that the product you wish to purchase from “Langdon Tactical Technology, Inc.” meets your state, county, or city.

  2. Once you have completed your firearm purchase online. You will receive an order confirmation e-mail with your order number.

    If you do not receive an email order status update within two business days after placing your order, please contact us a call at 1-571-385-2979.

  3. Find a FFL holder near you that will accept the transfer of the firearm for you. This can be your local Gun Shop, Pawn Shop, Gun Range or any other location that holds a current FFL and will help you with your transaction.
    Our helpful FFL finder will assist in finding an FFL at checkout, however please confirm BEFORE completing the sale, that the receiving shop is willing to accept your transfer.
    • You can use the search function here to view the list of FFL holders that are currently on file (we do not endorse or suggest the use of any FFL listed here).
    • Select your State in drop down box with list of FFL’s by State.
    • Write your name and order number on any correspondence you send us.
    • If you choose a FFL holder not on file with us, have them e-mail, fax (571-385-2979) a file copy of their FFL to us
  4. Contact your FFL and tell them you would like to transfer a firearm from Langdon Tactical Technology, Inc. This transaction is solely between you and the FFL holder.

  5. Fill out our Transfer & Confirmation Form with your local FFL.

  6. Once your FFL holder receives your firearm; you will need to pick it up.

***Important: Upon arrival at your FFL/Dealer inspect your firearm to make certain that everything is acceptable **before** filling out the necessary paperwork. Once the transfer of the firearm is complete, the manufacturer's warranty is then in effect and from that point on any complications with the firearm will need to be handled by the manufacturer.

Please note: For additional products that are NOT being installed on your firearm, such as holsters, shirts, belts, mags, etc, we will ship these items to your home address. For items that ARE being installed, please note the install on your order, and we will combine address internally.  

Please Note: We make every effort to provide clear, concise, and correct product descriptions and information for every product we sell, however as we offer hundreds of unique products, custom options, and custom combinations of products, mistakes do occur from time to time.
If you believe there is or may be a bonafide mistake in a product description, please contact our customer service team PRIOR to placing your order, to confirm the information presented.
Langdon Tactical will not issue a refund or exchange or honor incorrect pricing based upon bonafide mistakes that may appear on our site without our knowledge.

Restrictions By State:

Information regarding state & local restrictions, laws, and ordinances presented on this page is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication.
Laws and ordinances for firearms, ammunition, and certain other items are however, subject to frequent changes, and consumers should always check state, local, and federal law prior to purchasing these heavily regulated products.

Firearm Restrictions by State:


California: Handguns must be on Approved List. Assault weapons must be CA Approved.

Connecticut: No Semi-Auto Rifles.

Illinois: Multiple city & county ordinances please check your local laws; no sales to Cook County.

Maryland: Firearms sales only to Class 01 FFL Dealer. Varying restrictions on Assault Weapons

Massachusetts: No Handguns, Varying restrictions on Assault Weapons

New Jersey: Firearms sales only to Class 01 FFL Dealer. Varying restrictions on Assault Weapons

New York: No Assault Weapons, No Handguns (NYC)

Washington D.C.: No Firearms

Please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering firearms.

States That Prohibit Large-Capacity Magazines:

California: 10 round limit

Colorado: 15 round limit

Connecticut: 10 round limit

Hawaii: 10 round limit

Maryland: 10 round limit

Massachusetts: 10 round limit

New Jersey: 15 round limit

New York: 10 round limit

Washington(State): 10 round limit

We CANNOT ship magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds to CA or other regulated states at this time;
If you purchase magazines with a capacity greater than is allowed by your state and/or local regulations, your order will be canceled and you will NOT be refunded.
Effective: February 1st, 2023