CCW Safe


Confidence Under Duress

Confidentia V.C. is latin for Confidence Under Duress.

It’s clear that if you have to make a decision to use lethal force, the aftermath of that is going to be stressful. There will be questions, there will be scrutiny, there will be media, there will be a lot of unknowns. With CCW Safe, the unknown becomes a layer of your confidence. CCW Safe immediately dispatches an expert to your location to help you with all of the questions, scrutiny and next steps. Knowing someone will be there to have your back is an important piece to having confidence under duress.

Protect your investment, your training, your assets and most importantly, yourself. Unlimited protection. Defending you after you’ve defended yourself.

The Real Cost of a Self-Defense Trial


Why Choose CCW Safe

  • 100% Criminal Defense Costs Covered Up Front – No Occurrence Limit
  • 100% Civil Defense Costs Covered Up Front – No Occurrence Limit
  • 100% Administrative Defense Costs Covered Up Front – No Occurrence Limit
  • 100% Private Investigators Costs Covered Up Front – No Occurrence Limit
  • 100% Expert Witness Costs Covered Up Front – No Occurrence Limit
  • Highest Bond Coverage in the Industry. $500K Standard – $1M Optional
  • A Dedicated 1 Million Dollars in Civil Liability Can Be Added for All Plans
  • Your Spouse and Children Under 18 Covered for Home Invasions at No Additional Cost
  • Coverage When Using Any Legal Weapon of Opportunity for Self Defense Not Just Firearms
  • no network attorneys. select your own (must be qualified) or we will hire the best in the jurisdiction
  • critical response team with a "boots on the ground" by former homicide detectives that work for you;not just a manager or claims representative
  • your coverage reaches beyond one court appearance as we cover grand jury, court fees, consultants, criminal record expungements, mistrials, and appeals at no additional cost
  • coverage in 47 states at one low price. no additional charge for multi-state coverage. This includes home invasions, hotels, vacation homes, rv's, mulitple permits and where you have reciprocity
  • and most important of all, experience being the only company in the industry to have defended a murder charge; and your "dream team" with over 75+ years law enforcement experience and 35 years of self-defense trial experience. we have "been there, done that!"
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