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We are proud to partner with Boresight Solutions for stippling on your Beretta PX4 Compact Carry & PX4 Carry (Full Size). In this package, the Grip, Textured Trigger Guard and Speed Ramp are included. If you would like the additional backstraps (small or large) textured, it's $35/per backstrap and you will select the add-on size. THE MEDIUM IS INCLUDED AND PART OF THE $200 for the package. The shipping price is to cover the shipping back and forth to Boresight while your gun is in build. 

Options are:

  • Fine
  • Medium (recommended for conceal carry options)
  • Sharp (recommended for duty/range use) . textured trigger guard, which provides traction for secure support hand placement + speed ramp add-on option.

What does Ernest do on his PX4? Medium, Textured Trigger Guard and Speed Ramp

Note: This product is for adding the Boresight Stipple Package to an LTT firearm order. For Custom Gun Work, click here: LTT Custom Gun Work 

Lead Time: This option will add 4-8 weeks to your lead time.

Boresight Solutions Competition Disclaimer:

IMPORTANT: The Competition Series package is designed to fall within the minimum allowed modifications of the various shooting sports. However, some of the options may change the status of the pistol in regards to competition legality. It is the customer’s responsibility to know how this package and any upgrades will effect the pistol’s status in relation to the rules. Please know the rules of your sport, and double check with a sport official/range officer to make sure that the alterations you are ordering will be acceptable in the division/class of any match you anticipate using it. Boresight Solutions has provided the below information simply as a guide, and this information is not to be considered an official ruling/interpretation. Boresight Solutions is not responsible for any errors on our part in interpreting the rules, nor are we responsible for any changes to the rules which change your pistol’s classification which are not reflected on our website. Boresight Solutions is not responsible for customer misinterpretation or misunderstanding of any data provided herein.DO NOT CONTACT US FOR CLARIFICATION OF THE COMPETITION RULES, AS WE ARE NOT AN AUTHORITY.

Production Division:
Carry Optics Division:
Handgun Rules:
* Handgun rules do not take in account Appendix D4 and D7 which are current

Handgun Rules:
Note: Competition Series is not legal in SSP but is legal in ESP, CCP, CDP and BUG as long as the gun meets size and caliber dimensions for each division.