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Vantage Point Armory Compensator for the PX4 

Vantage Point Armory, in collaboration with Ernest Langdon, developed a Rail Mounted Compensator that integrates with the SureFire X300 Pistol Light for the PX4 Full-Size and Compact. Please see instructions and information below before adding to cart. 


  • Full Size Model: Replaces the plastic top rails of a Surefire X300U-A  or X300T-A
    • THE FULL SIZE COMPENSATOR WILL ONLY WORK WITH AN X300U/T-A MODEL WML - the "-B" or X300V (thumbscrew models) will NOT work with this compensator
    • The -A model X300 MUST be used with the Surefire Rail-Lock Kit (included with every Surefire X300-A), installation instructions can be found here: Redirecting to Big Tex Ordinance
  • Compact Model: Replaces the thumbscrew attachment of the Streamlight TLR7sub WML
    • The TLR7sub 1913S is the ONLY compatible model for this compensator
  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • ONLY compatible with 9mm full-size Beretta PX4 models - Full-Size and Compact (it will work existing PX4 model guns). 
  • Will not reduce slide velocity or induce reliability issues
  • DO NOT USE WITHOUT THE PISTOL LIGHT ATTACHED TO THE COMPENSATOR. The Pistol Light is required to attach the compensator to the gun.  YOU MUST ensure the compensator is properly seated and installed prior to live fire. Failure to do so can result in damage to the compensator that is not repairable under the warranty. 


Upgrading your handgun with a compensator requires a higher level of maintenance and care. Ensuring that it is installed correctly and checked frequently is critical for proper function and safety. 

It is possible to experience a failure with the Vantage Point Armory PX4 compact compensator that results from a broken or loose center tensioning or attachment screw. If the attachment screws become loose during firing, or breaks due to improper installation, it will cause the light body to droop downward, dropping the recoil lug out of engagement with the rail. 

If this is not identified by the user, the compensator will slide forward with each shot, until it travels far enough down the rail and is able to bend downwards into the line of the bore. If this happens, you will get a baffle strike on the compensator. 


Carefully read and follow the instructions below to avoid damaging your compensator and firearm.

  1. All screws must be de-greased prior to installation. We recommend the use of isopropyl alcohol or alcohol wipes.

  2. All screws must have a medium-strength, medium-to-high temperature threadlocker applied in accordance with their manufacturer's instructions. We recommend a small application of Green Loctite 290 on each screw. Blue Loctite 246, 242, or 248, are also acceptable if you intend to remove the compensator more regularly, but these products are more likely to loosen under an aggressive firing schedule.

  1. Install both hex-head screws. Torque to 10-12 in/lbs.

  2. Install the center slotted screw with its spring. (do not over tighten)

  3. Witness mark all three screws with an oil based paint pen.

  4. The first time the firearm is fired with the compensator installed, the screws should be checked after the first few shots to insure it has been installed properly. 

  5. Regularly check your witness marks to ensure that the screws have not loosened. If they loosen during firing, re-torque them immediately.

  6. If any of the attachment screws become damaged or loose, do not attempt to fire the handgun with the compensator attached.  You will need to replace the screw.

Failure to follow these instructions may result in injury to the shooter and damage to the compensator and firearm.  As the Customer, you acknowledge and agree that it is solely your responsibility for complying with these procedures and checking your compensator regularly. We are not responsible for damage to the compensator or firearm.  Please reference our Corporate Disclaimer for further explanation.


For the Compact Carry, the TLR 7 Sub Model in the JM Custom Kydex AIWB Wing Claw 2.5 - Beretta PX4 Compact Carry Long with TLR 7 SUB. 

The X300U model will fit in the PHLSter Floodlight and Tier 1 Concealed MSP. Be aware the Floodlight can have compatibility issues with the standard LTT RDO Front sight but works with the EPS. 

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  • 3
    Vantage Point Armory PX4 Compensator (full size with X300U)

    Posted by Steve on May 19th 2024

    Worked as advertised, and had a blast shooting it (pun very much intended). Disassembled for cleaning and noticed that the finish of the slide where it sits behind the compensator is completely gone, the metal is in the silver, and has flame erosion patterns. This compensator damaged my slide.

  • 4
    Px4 compact compensator

    Posted by Adrian Aguero on Feb 26th 2024

    I bought the compact compensator only model. I had a 1913 tlr 7 sub in my safe I figured I'd use for this. Now it could just be that I'm not installing this correctly but it seems I have to take the 2 small screws off that hold the light to the brackets (now to the comp) every time I want to pull my slide off. The comp slides on to the rail, then I have to install the light with the rail adapter to keep the compensator in place using the 2 smaller screws. Not the best system if I'm doing this correctly. Not sure if it's even possible to improve the design but I'm no engineer. Haven't fired it yet, I know it'll make a difference in recoil I've no concern there. Wouldn't hurt to include instructions or mention that the small screws need to come off every time you want to clean your px4. Really not a deal breaker, I'm more concerned with stripping the screws going on and off.