Gray Guns Flat Trigger for the PX4

Gray Guns

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Gray Guns Flat Trigger for the PX4  

This steel flat trigger developed in collaboration with LTT & Gray Guns is a replacement for the curved polymer factory trigger. 


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    the right tool makes it easy

    Posted by Bull on Jun 14th 2024

    A person can easily hold spring for pin replacement with a small duck billed pliers

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    PX4 Flat Trigger

    Posted by Earl Fisk on Jun 8th 2024

    I have not yet installed the trigger. I never liked the stock curved trigger, and have wanted a flat trigger ever since I bought the pistol. I will write another review after I have installed and tested the new trigger. I asked Langdon about a flat trigger over a year before they announced this new offering. I was very pleased when it became available.

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    AMAZING TRIGGER !! Easy Install !! Excellent Upgrade !!

    Posted by RJForbes on May 13th 2024

    The Langdon trigger job and trigger job in a bag are absolutely amazing performance upgrades, but they don’t necessarily include replacement of the trigger itself. They replace the trigger group and trigger bar, but typically re-use the stock polymer trigger. I love straight, flat, performance triggers, so when I saw the Gray Guns trigger on the Langdon site, I knew I had to get it. When I originally saw the photo of the Gray Guns trigger, I thought the distance of travel was way too far, but it’s actually perfect. The photo shows it in the double-action position. I carry concealed, one in the chamber, hammer down (de-cocker). That extended travel in double action is an additional safety measure that helps to keep you out of trouble when you draw, holster, etc. In the single action position, trigger travel is obviously much shorter. I couldn’t find ANY instructions or videos on how to replace the PX4 trigger, but it was really easy to figure out, and obviously any competent gunsmith could install it also. Here’s how I did it: Unload the firearm/safety check/remove the slide Use a small punch to remove the pin holding the stock polymer trigger in place Remove the old trigger and trigger spring Insert the new trigger Partially insert the trigger retainer pin to line up the holes in the trigger and the frame Depress the trigger Re-insert the trigger spring above the new trigger with the tailpiece behind the trigger Push the spring down and hold it in place with a large punch so the holes line up Tap the partially inserted trigger pin in further to secure the spring and trigger to the frame Function Test... Done. I took my PX4 to the range the next day and I absolutely loved shooting with this trigger. I find that I shoot more accurately with a flat trigger since it’s easier to pull it straight back. I installed the Vantage Point Armory light-rail mounted compensator as well. Now my LTT PX4 Storm Compact Carry is perfect…

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    Great to have a metal flat trigger

    Posted by Stephen Allen on May 11th 2024

    It was easy to install, after reviewing videos instructions on how to install a trigger on the Beretta PX4 Storm pistols.

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    Fantastic Upgrade

    Posted by Ray St John on May 10th 2024

    First off, installation was tricky, but easy. Take your time and wiggle the trigger around to get the pin in/out. Secondly, what a difference! Length of pull looks farther than stock, but it doesn't feel any different. The feel of the pull is also more positive than the oem trigger. The little bit of polymer at the end of my oem trigger would flex and give me a perceived bit of slop. The GG trigger breaks precisely and the 90° angle feels phenomenal. I will definitely get another one when I get another PX4!

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    Posted by Sean on May 10th 2024

    Wish LTT assisted with installation information, but found an older PX4 complete disassembly video in YT that helped me with the install. Not difficult. I wasn't sure how I would like the angle of the trigger shoe in DA, but found the reach really isn't too much more than the stock curved trigger. Where this trigger really shines is leverage in the pull. It gives the feeling of the overall weight in DA being lighter. The 90 degree break is also a really nice feeling. My finger doesnt slide left and right theough the pull as it did with the curved trigger. Overall, this makes for a great upgrade and I definitely recommend - 9.5/10. Well done, LTT!

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    LTT PX4cc with Gray Guns Flat Trigger

    Posted by Fred Harvey on May 9th 2024

    Installing was fairly easy. For me a definite improvement over the stock trigger. Had already added the light mounted comp. The pistol is a pleasure to shoot .

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    Px4 flat trigger.

    Posted by Geert on May 9th 2024

    Shoot great and the install is almost as easy as my 92. One tiny thing, picture makes it look a lot more Grey than it is. Personally don't care too much about the color but the gray in the name might confuse ppl looking for the np3 color to match their ltt arms.

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    Should be first upgrade

    Posted by James on May 9th 2024

    I like it as they used to say the best thing since sliced bread looks great just need a trigger bar to complete my px4 is retired from use till then