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LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun

NEW CHANGES IN 2024 MODEL FROM BERETTA - PLEASE READ BELOW for cost increase and product improvements. FREE SHIPPING on all 1301 by Langdon Tactical!

The LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun brings all of the upgrades you want together, combining them all into one custom package. We start with The Beretta 1301 Gen 3 Base with the new pro-lifter and semi-flat trigger then add the Magpul Zhukov forend for ergonomics and MLOK rail mount options on the hand guard, MagPul Tactical Shotgun Stock and associated adapters from GG&G. Optionally we offer optic mounting solutions for RMR, Aimpoint, or 509T footprints and/or the GG&G six-shot side saddle.

The LTT 1301 has QDC sling mounting points at the front, with optional QDC cups available for the Magpul stock. The Gen 3 1301 ships with Beretta's ultra reliable 7 round tube* and we finish it all off with the Langdon Tactical Trigger Job, improving the smoothness and consistency of the trigger pull and making it slightly lighter.  These LTT shotguns also include a Condition 1 Hard Sided Case (Changed in August 2023). The Gen 3 LTT 1301 is threaded for Beretta's Optima Choke system. 

*This is different from previous versions offered as Beretta moved to a fixed extension tube model with this Gen 3 Base - We CANNOT ADJUST this, and this gun CANNOT be sold in areas that restrict tube capacity to less than 7 rounds - please see our Firearms Purchase Policy for more information.

We start with the Beretta Gen 3 1301 Parts and add the following:

The LTT 1301 Comes Standard With:

  • The LTT Trigger Job
  • MagPul Zhukov Handguard with MLOK modified by LTT and GG&G
  • MagPul Stock (Black) 
  • Stock & Handguard Adapters by GG&G 
  • 2024 Pro-Lifter and and Semi-Flat Trigger 

With the Option to add: 

  • Six Shot Side Saddle by GG&G (not available if you select the Chisel Machining Stock)


  • LTT Aimpoint Mount by GG&G
    (Compatible with the Aimpoint T1/T2/H1/H2 series of optics, as well as most other third party optics fitting the T1 footprint)
  • LTT RMR Mount by GG&G
    (Compatible with the Trijicon RMR & SRO as well as Holosun 407c/507c/508t, and most other third party optics fitting the RMR footprint
  • LTT 509T Mount by GG&G
    (Compatible with the Holoson 509T)

  • Chisel Machining Stock, available in fixed or folding configuration, with Integrated RMR Mount (you will need to purchase RMR adapters to run other footprint configurations). The GG&G Side Saddle will not work with the Chisel Machining Stock. 

Don't forget to add a Red Dot Optic!

The LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun is a Title 18 USC 922r Compliant Shotgun.

The Beretta 1301 Manual

Still Have Questions? Visit our FAQs:

1301 FAQs

 Estimated Delivery Time (When In Stock - If you can add it to cart, it's in stock - if not, sign up for the wishlist!):

  • Black Shotguns: 1-3 weeks
  • LTT Midnight Bronze/ OD Green/ Tungsten Gray: 6-8 weeks


Due to increase in cost, we are now offering Free Shipping on all 1301 shotguns!

Please be patient and understand it may take the full lead time depending on where your order falls.

All 1301 Sales are FINAL

Please see our Firearms Purchase Policy prior to checking out - by purchasing a firearm from LTT you confirm that you have read and understand our Firearms Purchase Policy.


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  • 5
    Great shotgun

    Posted by Stephen on Feb 12th 2023

    I normally build out my own guns but my time is pretty limited right now. The quality of this gun is awesome-o, LTT did a great job on the build. In addition their field stripping\cleaning video is great and really helped out to learn about the gun.

  • 5
    Worth Every Penny

    Posted by Jeremy on Nov 26th 2022

    When I say this gun runs, this gun RUNS. The rate at which this gun can fire is unreal. Trigger pull and cycling is smooth as butter. Love this gun, and it puts a smile on the face of everyone who shoots it.

  • 5
    1301 out of the box

    Posted by JH on Aug 27th 2022

    I took it out of the box, mounted up and dirty zero’d my 509T, and went to the range the next day. I used some defense 00 as well as some slugs, both from 10 yards and 25 yards. Couldn’t miss the 9/10 rings with either. The reloads are also like butter with the beveled edges. This thing is truly a work of art! Hats off to everyone over at LTT! Also, regarding the switch to the GG&G hardware, as this was a GREAT improvement! The side saddle is rock solid and much more reliable! Already ordered a charging handle from them, as the stock one is a little less than preferred for me. Maybe include them on the gen 3’s? :) thanks EL!

  • 5
    Outstanding Shotgun

    Posted by James on Jun 10th 2022

    This is by far the best semi-auto shotgun on the market and is made even better by LTT.

  • 5

    Posted by Alec Hull on Jan 16th 2022

    What a beautiful firearm. It is extremely light and the fit and finish is excellent. I am glad I bought it

  • 5
    Best Shotgun in the Whole Market

    Posted by Anthony on Jan 15th 2022

    I was looking for a good semi auto since i hated the recoil on pump shotgun and it was not pleasant to shoot. This shotgun has been on my list since seeing it on instagram and actually browsing through bdu page and saw this guy. When I bought it, I was skeptical at first since the benelli m4 is similar price to this deck out 1301. However, once I receive the shotgun, my mind change completely. It's a very beautiful gun right out of the box. Some people may hate the Magpul furniture aesthetics, but I love the way it looks. I got the fde furniture black base and the it looks so damn good. The unboxing was amazing. It gives me that tactical feel. Mounting light and sling mount is easy on this gun. I recommend you remove the handguard to mount it easily. If you don't know how, ltt has a youtube video breaking it down. EZ PZ. When I went out to the range and shoot the same buckshot load that I have in my other pump shotgun, I notice the recoil difference is lighter between the two. Even shooting slugs, it was still hard-hitting, but manageable to shoot compared to pump. I love this shotgun and langdon done an amazing job. I its cheaper to get complete shotgun here than to find the parts from aridus who made the furniture. Also the rob hob ghost ring sight are really cool since it makes cowitness easy and its almost make the front sight like shooting a bead sight which I like more on shotgun than ghost load. The only con I have is quad loading this shotgun. You can do it, but it's way harder than the ones optimized for 3 guns. It's not made for it since the nordic spring mag tube is very "bouncy". If you messed up and don't push tube all the way in, then one of the shells can get stuck in the loading gate which prevents you from reloading until you either rerack the gun or pull the trigger. Overall, I recommend this shotgun if you can only have one shotgun. I ain't a shotgun person since i prefer shooting rifle and pistol better. However, this shotgun makes it a lot more enjoyable. Also easier for newer shooters to shoot since semi has lighter recoil. When they get back in stock, grab one immediately. They sell out pretty fast. For this patch, i got lucky and got the fde black base which sold out the same day. The others remain for the week. Make sure to save up and grab these boys. I now have a beast tactical shotgun set up.

  • 5
    One Bad A$$ Shotgun

    Posted by JCFlag on Oct 3rd 2021

    I've been on a semi-auto shotgun kick lately. Bought a Benelli M4 and Asgard Defense M127 and now an LTT 1301. Hands down the best of the three is the LTT 1301. Lightweight, yet handles recoil exceptionally well. Smoother to load than the other two. Carriage release is a little further forward, which is nice so your thumb doesn't get whacked by the charging handle. Cycles fast and handles light target through high brass. Nice comb angle and buttpad make for a natural point of aim and view through the sights. Mr Langdon, tell the folks in assembly to watch the alignment of the handguard with the endcap toward the muzzle. Mine was misaligned and not tightened sufficiently and the handguard and 2rd extension came loose after about 20 rounds. Had to loosen up the barrel clamp, properly align the endcap, tighten both the 2rd extension and nut and then tighten the clamp. Hasn't come loose since. If you are looking for an exceptional semi-auto shotgun, just buy this one and don't look back. I'm glad I did.

  • 5
    Worth the wait and lack of weight.

    Posted by Mike on Jun 10th 2021

    Great shotgun. Very light compared to the only other viable fighting semi autos (Benelli M4 and M2) . Side by side you can tell it cycles faster then the M2. Perfect out of the box, slugs were right at point of aim at 50 yards without adjusting the sights. Quickly cycles light birdshot as well as full bore slugs and 00. The layout of the stock and forend combined with the light weight make for a quick handling gun. With the oversized controls adding to the balance of the whole package. Great fighting shotgun that is fun to shoot.

  • 5
    Best Tactical Shotty

    Posted by John on Apr 23rd 2021

    Finally got it, now I have two of the best semi-auto tactical shotgun currently on the market. Have it set up w/ Holosun 407 X2 sight set to the ring-only reticle. Inforce WMLX, sling mount setup for Mclean DRS, and a match saverz. With everything mounted (except saddle) and 10 buckshot shells in/on it (7+1 +1 ghost +1 match saverz), it weighs only 8lbs! Waiting on the saddle, saddle w/ 6 shells prob will add a pound, but still light and +6 is well worth the extra weight. Everything feels and looks perfect, the controls are big and easier to use than my M1014. My M1014 with a similar type of setup(mlok rail, red dot, sling, light, saddle) is 11 lbs loaded. The only bad thing is that if this runs perfectly(I assume yes, and I will know very soon), then I may even consider selling my M1014.

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