Chisel Machining Stocks for LTT 1301 Shotgun

Chisel Machining

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Chisel Machining Stocks for LTT 1301

The Chisel Machining stocks for the Beretta 1301 shotgun are packed with features that can make your LTT 1301 even more shootable and user-friendly! LTT is now offering the Chisel Machining Stock in a fixed or a folding configuration.

The Chisel Machine stock's length of pull is fully adjustable in 1/4″ increments and can be made shorter than the factory and Magpul stock, or extended to a maximum length of 14", to accommodate for different shooting styles and body types. The padded Kick-Eez cheek piece is adjustable for height and cant, and the Kick-Eez recoil pad can be raised or lowered to suit your preference.

Optics Mount
The Chisel Machine stock has an integrated mount for an RMR-footprint optic. Moving the optic to the stock behind the receiver has multiple benefits:
-Clears the top of the receiver for smoother bolt-open reloads from a side saddle
-Makes finding the dot even more intuitive when rapidly mounting the shotgun
-Gives a large field of view through the optic, which makes it easier to track the dot in recoil when shooting in a compromised position or with high-recoil loads.

Accessory Compatibility
The Chisel Machine stock is compatible with a variety of aftermarket accessories. It includes a Magpul K2 pistol grip, but it is compatible with all standard AR-15 pistol grips. The stock also has two unlimited rotation steel QD sockets that can be configured between six possible mounting holes, so that you can run a sling however you like. Finally, the stock is also compatible with the Chisel Machine Quiver, which allows you to carry an additional 5 rounds on the stock itself.

Product Includes:
-1 Chisel Machine shotgun stock
-RMR mounting plate
-Kick-Eez recoil pad and cheek pad
-1 Magpul K2 pistol grip
-Bolt recoil buffer

Product Details
Compatible with: Beretta 1301 and A400
Length of Pull: 12"-14" (can be made even shorter with an aftermarket Magpul PRS style 1/2" recoil pad from Kick-Eez)
Weight: 2.0 lbs
Material: Hard anodized 6061 aluminum (machined from billet)

Available separately or installed on your LTT 1301.

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  • 4
    Good upgrade

    Posted by Bobby Cranford on May 18th 2024

    I've taken 2 tactical shotgun courses with the LTT1301 I bought last summer. I'm left handed and had trouble with the safety. I saw the LTT videos on the Chisel stock. I was interested in the pistol grip design because of the safety. I found some YouTube review videos on the folding version and the guy doing the review made some good points about interference issues when the stock is folded. If you have a side saddle, the stock won't fold all the way. If you flip the folding joint the stock gets near the charging handle and bolt release. (By the way, the stock can be set up for us lefties. Just flip the folding joint or put the cheek rest on the other side. Also, while researching this stock, I found a video showing how to set up the safety on the 1301 for left handed use, duh.) I decided to get the fixed version. Easy to install. Chisel has a video showing how to do it. What I like: 1. The pistol grip. It makes handling the shotgun easier for me. It is more comfortable supporting the shotgun for reloads. 2. The shoulder pad. Helps to dissipate the recoil force. It is still a 12 gauge though. 3. The adjustability. You can tailor to fit you. 4. Moving the red dot back definitely makes it easier to reach over the side saddle for reloading an empty chamber. Neutral points: 1. I have not tried my sling on it yet. My assumption is with the multiple sling points, it will be better than the Magpul that came on the LTT1301 initially. 2. Red Dot position. I've had a couple of people comment on the red dot being farther back and the effect on field of view. I think I like it better this way, but need to shoot it more. It certainly is not a negative for me. The only negative I have is a little silly, but, the cheek pad that is included pulls on my beard hairs. The first time I shot with it, after a couple of shots I noticed my cheek hurt a little but not like a slap. I realized the pad material sort of grabbed my beard. The pad is not sticky, but because it is not plastic, it does not slide along your cheek. I shot the gun today from a bench to confirm zero with slugs and made an adjustment and didn't have the problem. Moving the red dot from the original location to position on the Chisel stock did not require much adjustment to rezero for slugs. Lastly, I try not to be influenced by looks, but it does look good. The form is pleasing, but the function is better and that's what counts. If you prefer a pistol grip then this is a good upgrade.

  • 3
    It’s OK, but barely.

    Posted by W.Repsher on Dec 21st 2023

    Was super hyped waiting for this, but now regret purchase. The craftsmanship is great, nice finish only a small pigtail burr coming out of a sling quick attach hole that my fingers immediately found .after bandaging my finger and figuring out the install (no instructions) I was happy with the way it went together . Longer then I expected even at minimum pull. The cheek plate has no texture or incremental grooves so I can see it sliding down over time , also why not make the cheek weld plate round on the other side? If you shoot weak side it cuts into your face. The provided pistol grip is just OK. All in all I’m kicking myself for buying this.