Trigger Job in a Bag - 92/96/M9 Series

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Trigger Job in a Bag - 92/96/M9 Series

Trigger Job in a Bag from LTT is available for the 92, 96 and M9 Series Pistols. After several thousand trigger jobs on Beretta 92s and PX4s, Langdon Tactical Technology offer’s the "Trigger Job in a Bag". We polish and hand-stone all of the components that are part of the firing mechanism to smooth and lighten your trigger pull in DA/SA. The Trigger Job in a Bag is about 80% of what we do when we don't have the actual firearms. You can also do a full NP3 upgrade to your pistol that includes a 'Trigger Job' with this kit.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit MAY require some fitting for proper install and function - please watch the install guide video on the "Videos" tab of this page prior to purchase - we recommend that this kit be installed by a competent gunsmith. For 92X Performance pistols this kit MUST be installed and fit by a qualified Gunsmith. No returns will be accepted on opened kits. 

92, 96 and M9 Series Trigger Job in a Bag includes:

  • Trigger Bar
  • Hammer, Sear
  • Sear Spring
  • Trigger Spring
  • Hammer Strut
  • Reduced Power Hammer Spring

To make a purchase, please select one option from each group:

  • Finish: this is the finish and color of the metal parts in the Trigger Job in a Bag.
    • Black (factory)
    • NP3 (nickel teflon/stainless color)
  • Hammer Option:
  • Trigger Bar:
  • Hammer Spring Weight:
    With the following hammer springs, your DA/SA pull weight will be approximately
    • 12# DA: 5.6 to 6.4lbs
    • 13# DA: 6.3 to 7lbs
    • 14# DA: 7 to 7.5lbs
    • Single Action for all: 3.5 - 4lbs

Due to high demand, expected delivery on these items is 2-5 business days on black and 2-3 weeks on NP3. Your patience is appreciated.

Black: In stock - Shipping in 3-5 Business Days
NP3: In Stock- Shipping in 4-6 weeks 

Common Customer Confusion:

Customer: I already have these parts, so I don't need everything in this kit.
Answer: Yes, you do need this entire kit. The parts you have have not been worked on. Yes, the parts started the same, but we do work on the individual parts in the kit for 80% of what we can do if we have the gun itself.

PLEASE SEE OUR FAQ Page for model listings to verify the TJIB will work for you.


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DISCLAIMER: We recommend that this product as well as all other firearms parts & kits sold by Langdon Tactical be installed by a competent pistolsmith. No liability is expressed or implied for ANY damage or injury which may result from improper installation or use of this product. Installation of any firearm parts may limit or void the manufacturers warranty. We strongly recommend that the safety and operation of your modified handgun be thoroughly checked by an accredited gunsmith prior to use.

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  • 5
    Great and drop in

    Posted by Burn RIce on Feb 1st 2021

    No fitting was required for my handgun. Drop in parts took less than 15 minutes to install. Trigger pull and reset is perfect. Well worth the money for Beretta 92 series guns.

  • 5
    Best trigger job available!!! Buy this now!!!

    Posted by Jon H. on Jan 14th 2021

    I have personally installed trigger kits and parts now from Langdon, Wilson Combat, Wolff, even Beretta. While my preference is usually for OEM quality parts only, this is HANDS-DOWN the best conversion for the 92FS trigger. I have multiple 92 compacts to compare these kits on, and this one from LTT is without question, the lightest and shortest trigger pull possible! Also, make no mistake as these are all OEM parts, but LTT custom finishes everything included by hand to the acheive the absolute best performance and fitment. Add a 6th star please! :)

  • 5
    Trigger job in a bag

    Posted by Richard Stuart on Jan 13th 2021

    This is an excellent upgrade. I'm not a regular at working on pistols and I had it completed in about 45 minutes while watching the YouTube video. Went very smooth. The trigger is excellent. Nice smooth pull and crisp break. Well worth the money and time invested.

  • 5
    Trigger job in a bag

    Posted by Lino Asiatico on Jan 11th 2021

    Excellent product and installation video on website. Makes a world of difference. Comparable to 92X factory trigger. Very satisfied with this upgrade to my M9.

  • 5
    Simply Amazing!

    Posted by Gregory Coleman on Jan 4th 2021

    The TJIAB made my M9A3 feel so much better.

  • 5
    Trigger Job in a bag for 96A1

    Posted by Jared Agee on Jan 4th 2021

    Absolutely perfect! Never worked on a Beretta before and was able to do this upgrade easily while watching Ernest's YouTube video. The difference between stock is night and day! Worth every penny!

  • 5
    Definitely worth it

    Posted by Caelin Beaty on Dec 29th 2020

    Big improvement to the 92FS. I have very limited experience with things like this (aside from field-stripping & cleaning), but I followed along to the video on YouTube of Ernest and had no problems. Now it's a super-smooth pull on an already great gun. If you're thinking about getting this, do it.

  • 5
    Does NOT actually come in a bag!

    Posted by Jeremy Van Gieson on Dec 24th 2020

    Allow me to express my disappointment with this product! I ordered this kit for my Beretta 92X. Upon arrival, I opened the package to find all of the stated parts in a plastic clamshell-type container! No Crown Royal bag. No paper lunch bag. No reusable grocery bag. Not even a generic ziplock bag! After recovering from that shock, I installed the parts, directly replacing the existing factory parts in my 92X. I did use a bit of TW-25 to lubricate metal-to-metal contact points. The trigger press in both double action and single action were significantly improved. I used the 13 pound spring, and would estimate the DA pull to be about 7.5-8 pounds. Perfect. In short, this kit is an excellent value, and improves the trigger pulls of a Beretta pistol greatly. Other than the blatant failure to put the parts in a bag, this is fantastic! Do yourself and your Beretta a favor and get this kit.

  • 5
    Feels like Sig P226 with SRT

    Posted by Michael on Dec 14th 2020

    In combination with the Wilson Tactical Short Reach Trigger, my 92FS now resets like a Sig P226 with an SRT. Installation required some filing on the hammer for the DA to function properly as mine is CA compliant model. I was able to take apart and install the new parts by watching the Langdon videos. Definitely watch the Langdon video on where to file the hammer to get the DA working if having problems.

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