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The LTT RDO Solution for your Beretta 92

This Custom Gun Work package includes all of the following: 

  • A full top end rebuild to replace all of your stock components with our patented replacement components, including new decock levers.
  • All 92 RDO slides are G-model decocker only; if you send in an F-model (safety) slide, it will be converted to G-model decocker as part of this package.
  • Slide milling, and prep for our proprietary RDO plate as well as cerakote on the slide in Elite Black or whatever color it comes in as. IE: M9A3 FDE slides, will be coated in FDE.
  • Our proprietary optic plate (See footprint options below)
  • Red dot height front sight that matches the adaptor plate built in rear sight
  • Return shipping to the same address the slide was shipped from
  • The LTT RDO Solution for the Beretta 92 Series of pistols is patented in the US as of May 2023. 

The LTT RDO solution is now compatible with all 92 Slides listed in the options set above (92 Elite LTT, M9A3, Brigadier, Brigadier Tactical, 92D, 92FS, 92XI, 92X Performance, 92A1/96A1, M9A4). 
An RDO/Optic sight is NOT INCLUDED in this package, you can add one here.


To send your slide in for the LTT RDO Cut Rebuild Package, please follow these steps: 

  1. Add this item to your cart and check out like any other product. 
  2. Fill out the Custom Gun Work form and include your order number (five digit number you receive at checkout). 
  3. Pack your slide for shipping and include the filled out CGW form. Your slide MUST BE CLEANED or you will be charged a $15 cleaning fee. 
  4. Ship the slide (signature required) & documents to the address provided on the CGW form.
  5. LTT will notify you when we are returning the slide - Please be sure to keep an eye on your tracking number for delivery to and from LTT. 

Order Form

***NP3 SLIDES: If you are sending us a slide with NP3 levers, please add the Product Add On Fee to your cart - this covers the difference between the included black levers and new NP3 Levers. New amended levers are necessary for this system**

LTT cannot accept or work on firearms that have already received third party customization or gunsmithing to the integral parts of the firearm’s action.
This includes but is not limited to the trigger and fire control mechanism, the barrel, firing pin, or any safety components, or slides previously cut for red dot by another vendor. If you are unsure about the status of your firearm, please call us to confirm.

Please allow 4-8 weeks for all work to be performed from time of receipt.  If you want to verify that it arrives to LTT, please ship signature required to the address on the order form. Return Shipping is a fixed rate will be charged when you place your order. You are responsible for inbound shipping and following all processes listed on this form.  

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding the RDO Cut for 92 Series Pistols:

 Q: Is the LTT RDO Solution the same as the Beretta RDO Solution?

 A: No; Our solutions are very different in design and functionality, and are not compatible with one another: Our plate will not fit the Beretta RDO slide, nor will their plate fit our slides. HOWEVER, we can cut the Beretta M9A4 Slide to get your dot lower! 

 Q: What is the cowitness of the RDO BUIS?

 A: The LTT RDO included front & rear BUIS is a lower-1/3rd cowitness if using certain optics - this will change based on the plate and the optic. 

 Q: Can you do the RDO on my 92/92F/92FS/M9/M9A1/92D/96/96D/92 Brigadier/92X Performance/92XI/M9A4/92X RDO/Other Beretta RDO 92 Model?

 A: Yes, as of 4/12/2023, we can cut nearly all 92/96/M9 series pistols made after 1982 - for Beretta factory RDO models, only the RMR, 509T, and EPS plates are available. 

Q: Can I have my INOX/Stainless slide cut without being recerakoted?

A: Yes, INOX/stainless slides will be cut with only the milled area receiving recoat.

 Q: Can you cut my .22 conversion slide for Beretta 92? 

 A: No, we cannot cut the .22 conversion slides at this time.

Q: What red dot optics are supported by the LTT RDO Solution?

Our RMR Plate fits:

  • Trijicon RMR
  • Trijicon SRO
  • Trijicon RMR HD
  • Holosun HS407C
  • Holosun HS507C
  • Holosun HS508T
  • Riton X3 Tactix PRD
  • NcStar VISM FlipDot Pro
  • Swampfox Kingslayer
  • DOES NOT FIT RCR (Trijicon's proprietary capstan screws will not work with our t-nut inserts)
  • RMR to Plate Screws: Holosun to the RDO Plate use:  4x40 – 5/16 and the RMR or SRO to the RDO Plate use: 4x40 – 3/8

Our Docter Plate fits:

  • Docter/Noblex Sight C
  • Docter/Noblex sight 2+
  • Docter/Noblex sight III
  • Docter/Noblex QUICKsight 5.0 VR
  • Noblex Sight G
  • Vortex Venom
  • Burris Fastfire 2*
  • Burris Fastfire 3*
  • Delta Optical MiniDot*
  • Delta Optical MiniDot II*
  • Hawke Reflex 1×25*
  • Sightmark Mini Shot Pro Spec*
  • Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec
  • Leica Tempus
  • MAKdot 1×25
  • Vomz Pilad 1×20
  • Docter Optic to Plate Screws: 4x40 - 3/8 or 4x40 - 5/16
  • NOT AVAILABLE FOR BERETTA RDO SOLUTION (M9A4, 92X RDO, 92XI, 92X Performance, etc)

Our Sig Romeo/Delta Plate fits (no built-in rear sight):

  • Leupold Delta Point Pro
  • Sig Sauer Romeo 2
  • Delta/Romeo Optic to Plate Screws: 4x40 - 1/2
  • NOT AVAILABLE FOR BERETTA RDO SOLUTION (M9A4, 92X RDO, 92XI, 92X Performance, etc)

Our HE509T Plate fits:

  • Holosun HE509T 

Our Holosun EPS Plate fits:

  • Holosun EPS
  • Holosun EPS Carry
  • Holosun 407k
  • Holosun 507k
  • Note: If you order this plate for your existing LTT RDO slide, you will also need the corresponding correct front sight (included with the plate). The EPS Plate uses a much lower BUIS rear sight and will not work correctly without this shorter front sight. 
  • EPS Optic to Plate Screws: 4x40 - 5/16

Important Note Regarding RDO Plate Compatibility: This is not a comprehensive list of all the optics that may work with our plates. Our plates have been designed to fit tightly with the optic body of the main optic it was designed for. Other optics manufacturers may use the same footprint for mounting but have a different size optic body or may change the size of their optic body without warning. We cannot guarantee fit with all manufacturers that use these listed footprints.

For more information on RDO Mounting Footprints, please click this link: Optics Info 

See the videos page for videos from the range, shop, drop test and drop test after thoughts. 

Still have questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information!

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  • 5
    Quality work!!! AAAAA+++++

    Posted by JH on Jan 21st 2024

    Got this on my 92x performance with the NISTAN finish. I had real OCD about how clean this was going to look but it is honestly perfect!!!

  • 5
    LTT RDO for M9A4

    Posted by John B. on Jul 5th 2022

    WOW!!! Finish is better than factory! If you are on the fence - get off and get it done. Amazing quality of work and detail.

  • 5
    Best of the best

    Posted by Alex Macksey on Apr 12th 2022

    Had the optic and trigger job done on my 92A1 and I couldn’t be happier with what I had sent back to me. Mounted a HS507c and didn’t have to adjust anything, sight cowitnessed with dot right out of the box at 7 yards. Definitely my new favorite pistol!

  • 5
    Best of the best

    Posted by Alex Macksey on Apr 12th 2022

    Had the optic and trigger job done on my 92A1 and I couldn’t be happier with what I had sent back to me. Mounted a HS507c and didn’t have to adjust anything, sight cowitnessed with dot right out of the box at 7 yards. Definitely my new favorite pistol!

  • 4
    Custom work LTT RDO Optic cut

    Posted by Dylan hadlock on Feb 18th 2022

    Overall I am very well pleased with the work and the attention to detail. I am blown away on how well it looks and met my expectations. I am however unhappy with how there is no front slide serrations and that is one of the main things I was looking forward to. I assumed that they would have added this feature, since it was in the pictures. But It could have also have been on my part for not noting that I wanted front slide serrations when placing my order. O well. But overall very well pleased and would definitely buy from in the future. Thank you again landon tactical!

  • 5
    Amazing work

    Posted by DPG on Aug 5th 2021

    Recently sent my LTT 92 elite centurion slide in for the RDO cut, with the NP3 add on so it matched the rest of the pistol. The work was so well done I couldn’t easily tell it was my slide from a brand new one. A frustrating few weeks has since passed waiting to get the trijicon SRO I wanted at a reasonable price. That happened yesterday, so today was range day! Fitting the optic to the mount was a breeze following EL’s video tutorial. Adding the SRO has made an already superb firearm, truly exceptional. It also means I can now shoot both eyes open and not need vision correcting glasses to shoot and get a decent sight picture. I’ve recently entered those years when focusing on the front iron sight has become difficult. I popped a MantisX on the rail, and am now looking forward to getting lots of practice in, so I can do justice to this piece of engineering art.

  • 5

    Posted by Anthony on Jul 9th 2021

    I sent Langdon Tactical my M9A3 slide for the RDO Optic Cut and I could not be happier with the attention to detail and craftsmanship put into the finished product. I mounted a Holosun 508T on it and I am getting reps in as often as possible. This is my dream build and I hope to pass this one on to my son one day. Thanks LTT!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Jimmy T on Mar 4th 2021

    The quality of Langdon's work is second to none. I absolutely love my Beretta and the optic cut slide is flawless. Thank you Langdon Tactical.

  • 5

    Posted by Darrel Taber on Feb 3rd 2021

    I have an M9A3, which is close to a perfect gun for me. Older design so I was never expecting to be able to ever mount a red dot to it. LTT solved that and made a close to perfect gun, more perfect. It is not some half a$$ed cut slide and plate. There are no tool marks, all the screws are marked for torque, the slide was cerakoted back to looking new. I wish this red dot slide cutting would have been available years ago. The plate and sights are built like a tank, I’ll definitely carry this one for any upcoming apocalypse(s)

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