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Q: How do I order a gun online?

A: Select the options on the guns page for the firearm you want. Add it to your cart and begin the checkout process. All you need to do is enter the name of the FFL and their shipping address in the shipping field. Put your billing information and phone number in the billing field at checkout. Once the order is complete, we will contact the FFL to get the firearm ready for shipment. You should contact them once the order is complete to fill out any paperwork to alert them that a firearm is en route.

Please note: The billing address MUST MATCH YOUR CREDIT CARD ADDRESS or the transaction will decline.

Q: I live in Arizona , how can I see your firearms?


A: Arizona Firearms Tempe and Arizona Firearms Gilbert carry our firearms. Stop by one of their stores to check them out!

Q: I live in Canada, How do I get your products?

A: We work with a company called I Run Guns. Here is the process:
1. Contact LTT via sales@langdontactical.com with the exact SKU numbers, billing address, phone number and notes for what you wish to order.
2. Once you receive the invoice, you will fill out the form on this page: https://irunguns.ca/category.php?parent=Import_/_Export
3. Once that is complete, you will receive an email with instructions for payment.
4. They will then contact us to pay for the product. We will ship the product and then they will export them for you. If you have any questions, please give us a call and we can guide you through the process.

Q: I live in another country, how do I get your products.

A: We work with a couple different exporters who can get you what you need. Please send an email to sales@langdontactical.com for what you are looking for if your country is not listed above and where you are based so that we can connect you to the right company.

Q: Do you have a dealer program?

A: Yes, we do. Please send an email to sales@langdontactical.com with a copy of your FFL, Resale Cert and pertinent business information with a list of the SKU's you would like to purchase for your store.

Q: Where is my package?

A: We see the same tracking information you do through USPS, FEDEX and/or UPS. Please understand that tracking numbers are NOT always updated by the USPS. If you received a tracking number, you may need to wait 48-72 hours to see the tracking info appear, ESPECIALLY if a carrier misses a scan anywhere along the route. We are not AMAZON PRIME, everything does not ship two-day.  

We love polite customers. If you have an inquiry, please ask. Treat our customer service team with respect if the USPS has not delivered your package and you are trying to track it down. We will do our best to assist.

Q: I'm an FFL holding Firearm Dealer or Distributor, how do I contact you?

            A: Please contact us at sales@langdontactical.com or 571.385.2979 and ask to speak with Bill


Q: What model 92/96/M9's will the Trigger Job in a Bag Fit?

A: The Trigger Job In A Bag will fit the following Beretta pistols, black and "Inox" Stainless versions. Note: Some Stainless "Inox" models have stainless trigger bars and hammers, the TJIB does not come with stainless steel or Stainless look parts. (Some Beretta Inox models have chrome plated parts to match the stainless finish, but the parts are not stainless steel)

  • 92 SB
  • 92 SB Compact
  • 92 F
  • 92 F Compact L/Li
  • 92 FS Compact L
  • 92 FS Centurion
  • 96 FS Centuriion
  • 92 FS
  • 96 FS
  • 92 G
  • 92 G Compact L
  • 96 G Compact L
  • 92 G Centurion
  • 96 G Centurion
  • 96 G
  • 92 FS Brigadier
  • 96 FS Brigadier
  • 92 G Brigadier
  • 96 G Brigadier
  • 92 GSD
  • 92 G Elite
  • 96 G Elite
  • 92 G Elite II
  • 96 G Elite II
  • 92 G Elite A1
  • 96 G Elite A1
  • 92 FS Vertec
  • 96 FS Vertec
  • 92 G Vertec
  • 96 G Vertec
  • 92 A1
  • 96 A1
  • 92 G Brigadier Tactical
  • M9
  • M9A1
  • M9A3
  • 92 G Elite LTT
  • 92X Full-Size, Centurion and Compact

Q: What is NP3?

A: The NP3 Option includes an NP3 finish on all of the metal parts in the firearm, EXCEPT for the frame, slide, and barrel. NP3 is a nickel teflon finish that adds lubricity, rust and corrosion resistance and a smoothness to all of the components. When it comes to the trigger job, it makes the DA/SA a little bit smoother.

Check out this video 'About NP3' with Carry Trainer and Ernest Langdon for a more in depth description.

Q: I am interested in Custom Trigger Work, the Carry Bevel Package or NP3. How much is it and what does it include?

A. For a trigger job or other custom gun work on your firearm, please use this product link to place a deposit. Fill out the LTT Order Form for what you would like done and contact us for shipping.

B: Carry Bevel Package is $750 and includes:

  • Dehorning and carry bevel on the frame and slide
  • Mag well bevel
  • Cerakote the frame
  • Cerakote the slide
  • NP3 finish on all small parts except for extractor and springs

Q: How do I send my firearm to you?


Please review and follow the steps below to send a firearm to Langdon Tactical:

1. First, follow this link: https://www.langdontactical.com/custom-gun-work-92-96-m9/ and add the “Custom Gun Work” item to your cart & proceed to checkout - please make a note of your Order Number (five digit number you receive upon checking out) - This $165.00 fee will be a deposit towards the work you’re having done, and reserve your spot in our queue – don’t worry, the full amount goes towards your total due, which will be billed to the card provided on the LTT Order Form once work is complete;

2. Fill out the LTT Order Form and scan it in to your computer or get a good high res photo with your phone;  

3. Email your completed LTT Order Form, a scan or photograph of your driver's license, and your deposit order number (five digit number you received upon paying your deposit) to sales@langdontactical.com and let us know if you would like a shipping label for your gun;

4. Package your firearm in the original hard side Beretta case, other hard side pistol box, or carefully wrapped inside a small cardboard box.
LTT assumes NO liability and is not responsible for damage to poorly packaged firearms.
If you are only getting trigger, frame, or slide work done, we do not need your magazines. If you are getting the NP3 on your firearm, you need to include your magazines.

5. Ship your gun to LTT: You can ship your gun to us yourself, via an FFL OR with a label requested from us by following instructions below.
If you want us to send you a shipping label, please make note of this in your email to sales@langdontactical.com when you send in your order form, photo ID, and deposit order number.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out – we’re excited to Langdonize your pistol for you!

Q: I installed the Trigger job in the Bag and now I am getting hammer follow and/or my gun is firing multiple times.

Sear Spring Installation - this is the correct orientation for the Sear Spring in the Beretta 92/M9. It can be installed backwards, and it will work, most of the time, but you will get an occasional hammer follow. Make sure you install it correctly and you will have much better results.

Q: Do you do work on the Beretta 8000 Cougar?

A: No, we do not. There is not much that can be done to improve the trigger on that firearm.

Q: What is a top-end rebuild?

A: A top-end rebuild is when we replace all of your Top-End parts with new ones - firing pin, plunger, extractor, springs, etc.

Beretta 92, 96 and M9 Series

Q: 92 Elite LTT Compact and Centurion - Common Questions

What is a Centurion? It is a modified Full size frame made to fit the compact barrel and slide

Gun Features: Exact same feature as the Elite LTT full size except, the Centurion has the Full-size grip with a compact slide. The Compact has the compact slide and grip.

Barrel length? Both of the barrels are 4.3” with a target crown, we can cut and crown the barrels flush to the slide with a 20-degree target crown.

What parts are interchangeable?
Centurion: All the same parts that we carry are interchangeable with the full size LTT EXCEPT barrel, guide rods, and recoil springs
Compact: All the same parts that we carry are interchangeable with the full size LTT EXCEPT barrel, recoil springs, guide rod, grips, mag guide, and flush hammer spring cap

What grips fit the Centurion? It uses the same grips as the standard full-size 92.

What holsters can I use?
Centurion: It can use the full-size or the compact holster. It will fit both.
Compact: The compact will also fit in most full-size holsters, or designated compact holsters

Can I swap my compact slide onto my full-size 92 to make a Centurion? No, the frame is different on the compact and centurion to allow for correct slide travel with the compact slide.

Does the Centurion take the same mags as my full-size 92? Yes.

Will the TJIAB fit the Centurion and Compact? Yes

Q: What SafariLand Duty holster Can I Purchase for my 92 Elite LTT?

A: Model 6280 LASD 7201 (with a light)

Q: Are the 92 and the PX4 Hammer Springs the same?

A: Dimensionally, the hammer springs are the same and will work in the Beretta PX4, M9, 92 and 96 Series guns, however they deliver different performance. A 12# hammer spring in a 92/96/M9 would be considered a competition hammer spring, but in a PX4, it would be perfectly suitable for duty or EDC.

Q: Does the Elite II mag button you offer work as an extended release with the thinner grips?


Q: What will the LTT Trigger in A Bag bring my DA/SA Pull Weight to on my 92?

A: With the following hammer springs, your DA/SA pull weight will be approximately:

  • 11# DA: 5.3 to 6 lbs
  • 12# DA: 5.6 to 6.4lbs
  • 13# DA: 6.3 to 7lbs
  • 14# DA: 7 to 7.5lbs
  • 16# DA: 7.2 to 8 lbs

On the PX4, it will be:

  • #11 DA 6 to 7lbs
  • #12 DA 7 to 8lbs

With the Single-Action will be between 3.5 and 4 lbs for both the 92/96 and PX4.


Q: Will the Trigger in a Bag work in my Wilson Combat, my M9A1, M9A3, etc gun?

A: Yes. The Trigger Job in a Bag with work with any Beretta 92, 96 and M9 models, including the 92 Compact.

Q: What holsters work with the Elite LTT?

A: Any M9A1, M9A3 or Vertec holster will work with the Elite LTT

Q: What are the height and width on the 92 Elite LTT sights?


  • The height of the front sight is .220 inches from the base of the dovetail
  • The width of the fiber optic rod is: .055 inches
  • The height of the rear sight is: .290 inches
  • The rear sight notch width is: .150
  • The Front Sight post is .110 inches wide

Q: Will +P 9mm Ammo work in the 92 Elite LTT?

Yes, +P Ammo will work. Many folks ask us about +P+ Ammo, we don't know because that ammo is not rated and often times, different, therefore, we cannot say.

Q: Optimized Performance Trigger Bar Questions


Will the OP Trigger Bar work with the existing trigger job/trigger job in a bag I have? Yes it will.
Will the OP Trigger Bar work with the Short Reach Trigger? Yes.
Is this drop in ready? Yes. It may need to be fitted, but less than the other trigger bars we sell.
What 92's will this work in? It will work in the 92F models and later and *may* also work with 92SB's.
                                                     It will not work with the 92S, 92M, or the original 1975 Model 92.
Do I need to have a trigger job on my gun in order for this to work? No, you do not.
Is the firing pin block functional and gun still drop safe with the installation of this OP Trigger Bar? Yes.
Will the OP Trigger Bar work on a 92 Compact and Centurion? Yes.
Will the OP Trigger Bar work on the 92D? Yes, it will work, but it will not reduce the reset.
Does the OP Trigger Bar reduce pre-travel? No.

Q: Are the internal parts from the commercial M9A1, compatible with the commercial M9? I can find M9A1 parts everywhere, but little to no M9 parts. Specifically, the barrel locking lug and associated parts.

      A: All you need is a locking block kit. All the locking blocks are interchangeable from the 92SB to current production. Beretta made updates to the locking block but they         are backwards compatible to the older model guns.

Q: I would like a black barrel, how can I get this option?

    A: You have to have your barrel cut & crowned to be refinished in black.


Q: Why is my new LTT hammer spring longer than my factory D model spring? And/Or I think you sent me the wrong hammer spring because it is a different size than the one I took out of the gun.

        A: There is more to springs than just their length. Wire diameter, material, number of coils, the distance between coils and working space all play a factor. Our lighter springs are often longer than the factory springs that they replace.

Hammer Springs

Q: Why do the Hammers sit to the left in the 92 and PX4’s?

      A: The hammers all sit to the left on the 92’s and the PX4’s because there is a relief cut on the right side of the hammer. It’s there so that the hammer only rides in the slide in the same spot so that it wears evenly. It’s more visible on a PX4 than the 92.

If you look at the slide and you pull the slide back. The width of the hammer is centered on the pusher on the bottom of the slide.


Q: Are the 92 and the PX4 Hammer Springs the same?

A: Dimensionally, the hammer springs are the same and will work in the Beretta PX4, M9, 92 and 96 Series guns, however they deliver different performance. A 12# hammer spring in a 92/96/M9 would be considered a competition hammer spring, but in a PX4, it would be perfectly suitable for duty or EDC.

Q: What will the LTT Trigger in Bag bring my DA/SA Pull Weight to on my PX4?

A: With the following hammer springs, your DA/SA pull weight will be approximately:

  • 11# DA: 5.3 to 6 lbs
  • 12# DA: 5.6 to 6.4lbs
  • 13# DA: 6.3 to 7lbs
  • 14# DA: 7 to 7.5lbs
  • 16# DA: 7.2 to 8 lbs
On the PX4, it will be:
  • #11 DA 6 to 7lbs
  • #12 DA 7 to 8lbs

With the Single-Action will be between 3.5 and 4 lbs for both the 92/96 and PX4.

Q: Will the PX4 Trigger Job in a Bag work in my subcompact?

A: No, the PX4 TJIB will work in the PX4 Full-size and Compact. You can send your subcompact in for us to do a trigger job on the firearm itself.


INSTALL: How to Install the Trigger Job in a Bag in the XD-E

A: Step by step instructions on installing the LTT Trigger Job In a Bag in the Springfield XD-E Pistol.

Q: What Hammer Spring should I choose for the XD-E?

A: 20% reduction weight 12.7 lbs spring for reliability with US and NATO-spec ammunition. (If you want a heavier hammer spring for varying types of ammo, choose this one)

  25% reduction weight 12 lbs spring provides reliability with US-Spec Ammunition


TIP: How to Clean and Oil your Gun

INSTALL: How to Install the LTT Optimized Performance Trigger Bar

TIP: Malfunctions test - what could be causing a malfunction?


PRACTICE: Spending time practicing behind cover

ABOUT: About Langdon Tactical, published by Carry Trainer April 2020

TIP: Cleaning, Lubricating and Oiling your gun with Carry Trainer and Ernest Langdon

TIP: Why isn't my trigger reset audible or tactile?

Get off your trigger and stop holding it to the rear while you are aiming the gun.


Q: Can I register for your Advanced Class without having taken one of your previous classes?

A: No, you cannot, unless you are registering for the 3-Day Advanced Tactical Pistol Skills Course (The 3- Day covers the prerequisites for the advanced). My Tactical Pistol Skills Class is not a Basic course by any means. I often run into issues where people want to take this as their first or second class and they have a very difficult time keeping up. It is a very fast paced class where we do many drills that most consider advanced. Attending my Advanced Class is not an issue of skill or ability, it is an issue of understanding of the fundamentals of how and why I teach and train the way I do. I have a very specific theory of training that is addressed in detail in the standard Tactical Pistol Skills class and not covered at all in the Advanced Class. I have tried a few times to let people in the class that have "the skill" to attend, but they end up looking at me funny when I start talking about certain things and I have to go back and explain, which is a waste of time for the rest of the class.

Q: I want to come to a class... do you have prerequisites for your course? What do I need to know how to do before I register?