Custom Gun Work - LTT RDO Cut for HK USP

Langdon Tactical

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LTT's Low RDO Solution for your HK USP

Custom Gun Work Includes:

  • Slide Milling, and prep for our proprietary RDO plate
  • Cerakote on the Slide in Elite Black
  • Our proprietary Optic Plate (See Footprint Options Below)
  • Red Dot height BUIS front sight that matches the adaptor place built in rear sight (lower 1/3rd cowitness)
  • Return shipping to the same address that slide was shipped from. 

**An Optic sight is NOT included in this package - Add one here: Holosun Optics**

To send your slide in for the LTT RDO Cut for the HK USP series Slides, please follow these steps: 

  1. Add this item to your cart and check out like any other product. 
  2. Fill out the Custom Gun Work Order Form and include your order number (five digit number you receive at checkout). 
  3. Pack your slide for shipping and include the filled out CGW form. Your slide MUST BE CLEANED or you will be charged a $15 cleaning fee. 
  4. Ship the slide (signature required) & documents to the address provided on the CGW form.
  5. LTT will notify you when we are returning the slide - Please be sure to keep an eye on your tracking number for delivery to and from LTT. The shipping fee is for RETURN of the slide to you.

Please allow 4-8 weeks for all work to be performed from time of receipt.  If you want to verify that it arrives to LTT, please ship signature required to the address on the order form and follow your Tracking Number.  Return Shipping is a fixed rate will be charged when you place your order. You are responsible for inbound shipping and following all processes listed on the Custom Gunwork Order Form.

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Still Have Questions? Visit Our FAQs:


NOTE: HK USP Models with adjustable, factory installed rear sights cannot be cut for LTT's LOW RDO due to the geometry & depth of the adjustable sight slide cut. Please see the last photo on this page if you are unsure if your USP has factory adjustable rear sights.

Potentially affected pistols are the HK USP Elite, Expert, Tactical, & Compact models. 

LTT cannot accept or work on firearms that have already received third party customization or gunsmithing to the integral parts of the firearm’s action.
This includes but is not limited to the trigger and fire control mechanism, the barrel, firing pin, or any safety components, or slides previously cut for red dot by another vendor. If you are unsure about the status of your firearm, please call us to confirm.