92 Elite LTT Centurion


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92 Elite LTT Centurion

The Beretta 92 Centurion is a modified Full size frame made to fit the compact barrel and slide. The Beretta 92 Elite series guns are built in partnership with Ernest Langdon of Langdon Tactical and are the 'Ultimate 92 Package', incorporating many features including the Vertec/M9A3 slide and M9A1 Frame that Beretta shooters have always loved.

Trying to decide which set-up you want? Check out this video that reviews all the options listed above.

Please review this page in full for all Elite LTT features and details: 

  • The 92 Elite LTT with LTT Trigger Job will come with a 13# Chrome Silicon Hammer Spring. Want a different weight hammer spring? Please indicate that in the notes at checkout. 
  • The 92 Elite LTT with LTT Trigger Job & NP3 comes as above, with the addition of all metal parts NP3 coated (excluding the frame, slide, & barrel).
  • The Elite LTT Carry Bevel includes both the LTT Trigger Job and NP3, as well as our full carry bevel (rounding of all external sharp edges, magwell bevel, and trigger guard radius) and finished off with a black cerakote. 
  • If you want your firearm to have the safety, please add this product to your cart as well. 
  • The Elite LTT comes with (3) 18-round or 10-round Mec-Gar magazines (Choose Magazine Capacity Above). If you order the NP3 or Carry Bevel version - these models will ship with 3 (18rd) NP3 Magazines.
  • All of the above options are available with the LTT RDO Cut here: LTT RDO 92


Elite LTT Centurion Features:






  • Shortened 92G Vertec Slide
  • Front Cocking Serrations
  • G-Model Decock only
  • Dovetailed Fiber Optic Front Sight (.110 inch wide serrated)
  • Square Notch Serrated Rear Sight
  • Stainless 4.25" inch Barrel with Target Crown<
  • Solid Steel Guide Rod
  • Beveled Rear Slide
  • M9A1 Frame
  • Exclusive Radiused Trigger Guard
  • Stainless Steel Trigger
  • Checkering on the front and back strap
  • Skeletonized Hammer
  • Ultra Thin VZ/LTT G10 Grips
  • Stainless Steel Hex Head Grip Screws
  • Beveled Magazine Well
  • D Model Hammer Spring
  • Flush Main Spring Cap (No Lanyard Loop)
  • Oversized Magazine Release Button


  • Action: Single/Double
  • Barrel length (in): 4.25
  • Caliber: 9x19 (PARA)
  • Grip Width: 1.3"
  • Magazine Capacity: 10–18 rds (Incl 3)
  • Overall height (in): 5.4”
  • Overall length (in): 7.75”
  • Overall width (in): 1.5"
  • Sight radius (in): 5.75”
  • Weight unloaded (OZ): 31.6 oz




  • 92 Elite LTT Centurion with Trigger Job: 5-15 business days 
  • 92 Elite LTT Centurion with NP3: 4-6 weeks 
  • 92 Elite LTT Centurion with Carry Bevel: 6-8 weeks 
  • If you can add it to your cart and checkout, we have a gun for you! If it's out of stock, please add your email to the wishlist!

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  • 5
    LTT Elite Centurion

    Posted by James Ledford on Sep 25th 2020

    Likely the penultimate Beretta 92. Amazing quality and hands down the best DA/SA trigger ever. The only downside is the thin fiber optic front sight compared to the wide black rear sight. I might change the sights which would ensure this pistol is possibly the finest Beretta ever made.

  • 5
    92 elite LTT

    Posted by Rob waters on Sep 7th 2020

    Fit & finish is superb. One of the best DA/SA triggers on the market.

  • 5
    Centurion LTT

    Posted by Tommy Messina on Aug 24th 2020

    I would be remiss if I did not take the time to write this review. I spend year a researching for the ultimate high capacity 9mm pistol. I looked and researched everything including high end 2011 ( double stacks for Nighthawk and Staccato). My love of custom 1911 is extreme and loyal, but I sung on this curveball and hit a home run. The LTT Centurion NP3 package stands in line with my 3-4 thousand dollar custom 1911 pistols. After holding and shooting this gun I still can’t believe this gun was available at it’s price point. In other words they are selling this for a deal for what you are getting. The feel of the grip, to the awesome trigger pull, the attractive lines-I mean this pistol is just down right awesome.

  • 5

    Posted by Kurt Woodburn on Aug 12th 2020

    Have you ever wanted something really bad and then you get it and the joy of obtaining the object of your desire looses it's fizz faster than a store brand soda on a hot summer day...? Well, that doesn't happen when you wrap your mits around a Elite LTT Centurion. I highly doubt I will ever buy a beretta that hasn't had the saint-like blessing and baptism of the Langdon crew. It's not hype... it's worth the money. It's not just another pistol... it's another level of pistol.

  • 5
    92 Elite LTT Centurion

    Posted by Chris Miller on Jul 30th 2020

    Today was the first range day for my 92 Elite LTT Centurion. This LTT handgun is simply amazing. The double action trigger pull is equal to or better than any Colt Python I have ever shot. Smooth as glass. The single action pull? OUTSTANDING! I did no bullseye shooting with this gun, I went straight to a moving target combat course. First day with this gun, I performed better than I have with my Glock 34 that I have been shooting for five years, better than my Walther Q4 steel frame; well, I put a lot of my other guns to shame on day one with this amazing handgun. I think this will become my off-duty handgun of choice. Mr. Langdon, you and your staff are magicians. This gun made me a believer on the 92 platforms again. And now that you have an optics ready version, I may need a second Elite LTT Centurion... Thanks for developing such a great handgun.

  • 5
    92 Elite LTT Centurion.

    Posted by Quang A Vu on Jul 30th 2020

    I wrote the following on SIGforum: Some of you might remember I had the WC Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical with the action tuned a couple of years ago that I was not very pleased with the gritty SA pull. WC told me that's the way it is, and if I wanted to eliminate the creep, I need to fork out extra dough to buy their super trigger bar and hammer. I said to myself, screw that. Already paid $1305 for it, it's ridiculous to have to spend more, when everyone else is raving about how great the trigger on their action tuned WC Berettas was. Although everything else was great on that gun, the bad SA trigger soured the gun on me, and I eventually sold it with full disclosure to a member here, and he totally agreed with my assessment of the SA trigger pull. After this, I always wondered about the great Langdon Berettas that everyone was raving about, but always chickened out from getting one for fear of getting the same bad result as the WC. Fast forward until last week when I decided to take a chance and got the 92 Elite LTT Centurion (w/ Trigger Job). LTT's Optimized Trigger Bar is part of the package. And for much less than the WC. Boy, am I glad I did get it. Love the shortened Centurion slide and the M9A1 frame. But, most important of all is the trigger. The DA is silky smooth at 7 lbs 4 oz avg, and the SA broke at 3 lbs 1 oz avg with zero creep/grittiness. This one leaves my German Mastershop X5 Allround Skeleton Supermatch in the dust. Truly great stuff. A lot of people don't like the thin grips, but I find them very comfortable. Trigger reach is easy. Fiber optic front sight is very easy to pick up, even during fast shooting. Three 18-rd Mec-Gar mags are supplied with the gun. If there is one negative about this gun, it is the finish that is rough in some spots. But, that is quite alright. This gun is meant for combat and not a museum.

  • 5

    Posted by Kenneth Isbill on Jul 21st 2020

    I HATED the beretta pistols when I was in the military. Terrible triggers, rattled like a lowered honda in L.A, and the grip was the size of a slightly rounded off brick. My best friend and former L.E. partner bought an Elite LTT Centurion and wouldn't shut up about it. He's not one for hyperbole, so I decided to buy one for my wife (who loves beretta) as a military retirement gift. He did not oversell. It's magical. After 1 magazine of test-firing I realized I was going to have to buy another one for me. I never thought I'd love a Beretta, but this one might end up making me sell most of the guns I have.

  • 5
    92 Elite LTT Centurion, Trigger Job, NP3, Spartan Sights

    Posted by Matthew on Jun 29th 2020

    I have taken a stock 92FS and added upgrades. I have taken a factory Elite LTT and added the Trigger Job in Bag (awesome upgrade). Save yourself the time and money and just order directly from LTT. The gun is awesome and lives up to the hype. Trigger work is amazing. I have already ordered another gun LTT.

  • 5

    Posted by Robert J Iovinelli on Jun 23rd 2020

    exceptional quality in every respect

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