92 Elite LTT Red Dot Ready Slide

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92 Elite LTT Red Dot Ready Slide

OCTOBER 18, 2023 - WE HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF BLACK SLIDES IN STOCK. IF YOU ABLE TO PURCHASE, WE HAVE THEM and your order will ship in 2-3 business days. 

Missed it, you can still send your 92 Slide in for RDO cut here: RDO Slide Cut

The 92 Elite LTT Red Dot Ready Slides for use with your 92 series pistol!

Our Red Dot Ready slides are "plug and play" - simply install your optic, add your existing barrel & recoil assembly, and attach the slide to your existing frame. 

All Elite LTT Red Dot Ready Slides are cerakoted black and ship with the footprint pattern adapter plate you selected already installed and ready to accept your optic upon arrival.
Our RDO slides are 'G-model'/decocker ONLY and available in both Full Size & compact (fits Compact AND Centurion frame guns)
Plate to slide screws: Plate to slide screw: M3- 0.5mm x 6mm, Holosun to Plate Screw: 4 x 40 5/16 (non-metric), RMR To Plate Screw: 4 x 40 3/8 (non-metric) - The LTT Beretta 92 LOW RDO Solution is patented in the US as of May 2023. 

Black Full Size Slides: 2-3 weeks

Black Compact Slides: 2-3 weeks
FDE, OD Green and Sniper Gray Full Size: 4-5 weeks 
FDE, OD Green and Sniper Gray Compact: 4-5 weeks

Compatibility Specifications: 
Our slides will work on any 92 FS (9mm) and later model pistol including Beretta's M9A4 and 92X RDO, WC Brigadier Tactical, M9 and M9A1s - the only known exceptions that are not compatible are the 92A1 and 92S pistol frames (see last image for compatibility chart). Compact & Centurion owners order Compact slide; Full Size owners order Full Size Slide - Compact slides will fit Compact and Centurion frame pistols only!

92X Performance: Red Dot Ready Slides do fit and function on a 92X Performance, however neither the frame mounted nor slide mounted safety/decocker will function AT ALL.
*LTT does not assume any liability for injury or damage that results from use of an RDO slide on the 92X Performance without a functioning safety/decocker.*

This slide kit does NOT ship with a red dot optic OR a barrel/recoil assembly, if you are looking for a full slide build, please add these products to your order: 

If you have an older gun, we recommend replacing your barrel assembly, or at the very least your locking block

Q: What is the cowitness of the RDO BUIS?

A: The LTT RDO included front & rear BUIS is a lower-1/3rd cowitness.

Q: What red dot optics are supported by the LTT RDO Solution?

Our RMR Plate fits:

  • Trijicon RMR
  • Trijicon SRO
  • Trijicon RMR HD
  • Holosun HS407C
  • Holosun HS507C
  • Holosun HS508T
  • Riton X3 Tactix PRD
  • NcStar VISM FlipDot Pro
  • Swampfox Kingslayer
  • DOES NOT FIT RCR (Trijicon's proprietary capstan screws will not work with our t-nut inserts)
  • RMR to Plate Screws: Holosun to the RDO Plate use:  4x40 – 5/16 and the RMR or SRO to the RDO Plate use: 4x40 – 3/8

Our Docter Plate fits:

  • Docter/Noblex Sight C
  • Docter/Noblex sight 2+
  • Docter/Noblex sight III
  • Docter/Noblex QUICKsight 5.0 VR
  • Noblex Sight G
  • Vortex Venom
  • Burris Fastfire 2*
  • Burris Fastfire 3*
  • Delta Optical MiniDot*
  • Delta Optical MiniDot II*
  • Hawke Reflex 1×25*
  • Sightmark Mini Shot Pro Spec*
  • Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec
  • Leica Tempus
  • MAKdot 1×25
  • Vomz Pilad 1×20
  • Docter Optic to Plate Screws: 4x40 - 3/8 or 4x40 - 5/16 

Our Sig Romeo/Delta Plate fits (no built-in rear sight):

  • Leupold Delta Point Pro
  • Sig Sauer Romeo 2
  • Delta/Romeo Optic to Plate Screws: 4x40 - 1/2

Our HE509T Plate fits:

  • Holosun HE509T 

Our Holosun EPS Plate fits:

  • Holosun EPS
  • Holosun EPS Carry
  • Holosun 407k
  • Holosun 507k
  • Note: If you order this plate for your existing LTT RDO slide, you will also need the corresponding correct front sight (included with the plate). The EPS Plate uses a much lower BUIS rear sight and will not work correctly without this shorter front sight. 
  • EPS Optic to Plate Screws: 4x40 - 5/16


Important Note Regarding RDO Plate Compatibility: This is not a comprehensive list of all the optics that may work with our plates. Our plates have been designed to fit tightly with the optic body of the main optic it was designed for. Other optics manufacturers may use the same footprint for mounting but have a different size optic body or may change the size of their optic body without warning. We cannot guarantee fit with all manufacturers that use these listed footprints.

For more information on RDO Mounting Footprints, please click this link: Optics Info 

DISCLAIMER: We recommend that this product as well as all other firearms parts & kits sold by Langdon Tactical be installed by a competent pistolsmith. No liability is expressed or implied for ANY damage or injury which may result from improper installation or use of this product. Installation of any firearm parts may limit or void the manufacturers warranty. We strongly recommend that the safety and operation of your modified handgun be thoroughly checked by an accredited gunsmith prior to use.

Still have questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information, including which optics fit the RMR Footprint. 

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  • 5
    Best addition to a 92 there is

    Posted by Tony on Nov 17th 2023

    My wife made the mistake of agreeing to let me update my old 92FS rather than buy a new pistol, and I was lucky enough to snag a full sized slide the last time they had stock. Gotta say there is absolutely no slop when it married to my receiver and tightly fit with the KKM barrel I am using with it. In the reviews for the Holosun 509T plate some customers reported that the site moved on the plate, but I have not had this problem at all. This has overall been an outstanding addition along with the action bar and together they absolutely pushed my pistol into a new class of quality. Can’t recommend enough.

  • 5
    92 RDO Red Dot Ready Slide, Centurion/Compact

    Posted by Bruce on Oct 18th 2023

    Bought an RDO slide and Holosun 509T (installed) from Langdon Tactical a few months ago. Installed on my LTT Centurion and could not be more happy. Did have one minor glitch early on on all three screws backed out just a smidge. Noticed my optic being a touch wobbly about 300 rounds in. Quick disassembly, cleaned up the threads on the plate and screws fresh Loctite, torqued down to spec and no issues whatsoever since, who knows some days the bear. gets you... This is a great product for the 92 if that's your thing go for it I think you will be impressed. Do yourself a favor when you get into red dots get a quality inch pounds/Nm torque driver. You will need it regardless. This system from LTT allowed me to stay competitive with 60 year old eyes that just can't get the focus on Irons any more.

  • 2
    Great and disappointed.

    Posted by Dylan on Dec 6th 2022

    Is this the lowest mount for a 92 you can get? Yes. Does it cost $600+ shipped to you? Yes. You should, therefore, receive craftsmanship equivalent to near the cost of a new 92x. There was a small ding in my slide when i received it in the mail. I’m aware guns are tools and are meant to be used. I will undoubtedly inflict holster wear and much more upon this gun. However, that does not mean I should be happy with receiving a $600 slide with a ding in it. And yes, I did voice this to customer service.

  • 2

    Posted by Brian Wilson on Aug 23rd 2022

    Front sight not fitted properly. Really boogered it up trying to correct it. Thought it just needed to be tapped into the center but that did not happen so l have just removed it. Also the optic plate (whole point of the slide) was not torqued nearly enough and the whole thing came loose after a mag. This is taurus level qc out of an american company. No wonder nobody bothers buying american anymore.

  • 5
    New Tricks for My Old Dog

    Posted by Patrick on Aug 16th 2022

    Not much more to say that hasn’t been said in other reviews. The quality of the work speaks for itself and red dots are just too fun. I’m hitting 2 inch groups at 25 yards and I’m a nobody. I love things that make a layman like me shoot like a pro (sorta)

  • 2
    Quality control

    Posted by Benny Biggum on Aug 14th 2022

    Optic would not stay on per ltt's instructions. Front sight post was off and cannot be drifted to center. Great product but much like an ak you need to beat on it and will still not be perfect in the end. Very sad considering the price point and how many they sell.

  • 5
    RDO Slide, My Best Investment in Handguns

    Posted by Steve Gill on Jul 17th 2022

    Bought my second RDO slide for 92x Centurion. There is just no other way to mount a an optic sight on a Beretta, I have tried them all. The low mounted optic with the accuracy of the Beretta 92 is a true tack driver. If you have a good grip, you can stack bullets on top of each other. You get what you pay for. It’s also the only solution offering co-witness sights. Home run.

  • 5
    RDO 92 slide

    Posted by Nick Perry on Jun 29th 2022

    If you’re thinking about pulling the plug on a slide that costs nearly the amount of a new 92, do it, you won’t regret it. This is my second RDO slide from LTT, first was on my 92A1 (not recommended by LTT) the dust covers on the 92fs/M9 and the 92A1 are completely different but I didn’t care because I was so anxious to get my hands on one of these and I freakin loved it, and the second is for my 92X RDO, which by the way, Beretta’s take on trying to copy LTT’s optic system suuuuuuucks. I’d gladly spend another $600 on a slide that looks and functions correctly over the sky scraper OEM RDO system hands down. So again, if you’re up in the air about purchasing this masterpiece, JUST DO IT, I promise you that you will not regret it.

  • 5
    RDO slide

    Posted by Logan on May 14th 2022

    Received mine in the mail yesterday. Blown away. Fit and finish is way above and beyond my expectations. No firmest issues at all and those front serrations icing on the cake. My holosun 407 fits like a glove. Just need to order the trigger job in a bag and this thing is done!!! You guys are awesome. Thanks for the hard work and amazing products.

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