US Duty Gear Holsters for Beretta 92

$136.00 - $166.00
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US Duty Gear Holsters for Full Size 92 Pistols with X300 or TLR-1

The US Duty Gear Model US40, Level Two, Mid Ride Holster with Light Boltaron MR/LR fits the Beretta Elite LTT, 92X Full-Size, and 92 Vertec, with the factory 4.7" barrel and a SureFire X300U or a StreamLight TRL1 (the same holster fits both lights).

Choose options above for with or without an RDO optic cut out on the holster. 

Both holsters ship with an attached 2" belt loop, but also work with the Safariland ALS family of attachments as well as the G-Code RTI Hanger system. 


DISCLAIMER: All holsters are produced by third party suppliers and LTT can neither troubleshoot nor warranty these products. No liability is expressed or implied for ANY damage or injury which may result from improper use of this product. Always visually inspect your holster prior to reinserting your pistol. We strongly recommend that anyone using a holster seek professional training for safe firearm handling to include how to safely draw & reholster a loaded firearm.