Custom Gun Work - LTT 1301 Trigger Job

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LTT 1301 Trigger Job

We are so excited to finally be able to offer custom gun work on your 1301! Already have a Beretta 1301? Perfect, now you can send in your 1301 for us to do all of the work for you! The LTT 1301 Trigger Job Package is compatible with the Gen 1, Gen 2, and new Gen 3 1301 Tactical Shotgun.
NOTE: If you are not upgrading the rest of your shotgun, we ask that you send ONLY your trigger group in for LTT to complete a trigger job for you!

ORDER FORM (Include with shotgun or Trigger Group and driver's license AFTER placing deposit order on this page)

If you are sending in your shotgun, please follow the instructions on the custom gun work order form. 

The return shipping is factored into the price for sending in your trigger group. If you send in your whole shotgun you will be charged the remaining balance for shipping.  PLEASE FILL OUT THIS ENTIRE ORDER FORM and send a copy of it AND your driver's license with your shotgun. Please allow for 4 - 8 weeks for us to complete your shotgun. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you send your 1301 in its case boxed in a cardboard box. We are not responsible for damage to shotguns that are not sent in in a hard-sided case.