Advanced Shooter Care

It can be hard to talk about

Are you finding it hard to shoot tight groupings and stay on target? Is it taking longer to fire all your rounds? You’re not alone, and there is a solution. Introducing LTT Advanced Shooter Care. With options like Red Dot Optics, undercut trigger guards, and custom trigger work, LTT Advanced Shooter Care provides you with the edge you need to perform. Say goodbye to embarrassing control issues and lackluster shooting and say hello to comfort and control.

Slow, lackluster shooting can happen to anyone. But it’s only a life-long problem if you leave it alone. Bring speed and power back to your shot with custom trigger work.

Loose, messy groupings don’t need to control your life anymore. Upgrade your iron sights with AmeriGlo night sights or a Red Dot Optic and increase your accuracy with tighter, more precise groupings.

Not all grips are created equal. From talon grips and laser stippling to our Carry Bevel option, you can increase not only your control, but your confidence, too.

By customizing key components, LTT Advanced Shooter Care delivers a more shootable firearm to ensure that you don’t lose your touch. Feel the results and put confidence back in your trigger finger.

See what others are saying about LTT Advanced Shooter Care

"After an afternoon on the range, I knew I needed a change. At first it was hard to talk about, but now that my loose groupings are a thing of the past, I’m proud to say that Advanced Shooter Care cured my Ashootmatism." – Mike (37)
"My first symptom was not shooting as fast as I used to. Then I just couldn’t manage to stay on target. When I was diagnosed with Projectile Dysfunction, like many men in America, I thought my shooting days were over. After trying to cure it on my own, I turned to LTT Advanced Shooter Care, and now I’m shooting like a 20-year-old-again." – Doug (53)
"After spending years together, it just didn’t feel the same. We both blamed each other for the lack of precision and accuracy. It seemed like our time together was quickly fading. But then I tried LTT Advanced Shooter Care, and now I feel more secure and in control. My everyday carry and I have never been better." – Larry (62)

Ready to take aim?

With the highest efficacy rate, LTT Advanced Shooter Care offers tailored prescriptions to improve your firearm’s shootability. Don’t let poor shooting control your life anymore. Ask your gunsmith if LTT Advances Shooter Care is right for you. It probably is.