Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro from LTT

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Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro, Custom from LTT 

The LTT Hellcat now has a big brother: The LTT Hellcat Pro!
Just like the original LTT Hellcat, we have partnered with APEX Tactical to bring Custom without Compromise to the Hellcat Pro, providing another great option for Everyday Carry. 

Features and Details: 

The LTT Hellcat Pro has a smoother trigger pull that is about 1 pound lighter than factory. The Apex Trigger Kit reduces over-travel, reset distance and gives a crisper break as well as improving shoot/trigger interface.  The integration of Apex Trigger System, along with the internal work we do, results in a highly improved trigger system that equates to a more shootable firearm, without sacrificing safety.

Other Add-on Options: 

Laser Stippling: We offer laser stippling on your hellcat. It's fine hand-stipple pattern texture that matches the factory pattern and covers the smooth areas of the grip, giving you a full texture field on the full side frame of the gun, including the index point. Regardless of your hand size, you will hit stippling. Add this package to your cart for your stipple needs!

Ameriglo Sight Set: This is a taller sight set that will improve the visibility of the sights when being used in conjunction with a Micro Red Dot sight. Works especially well with the C&H Precision Weapons Adaptor plate and the Holosun 507k/407k red dot optic. Front sight- Green Tritium with Lime Green Outline, Plain Black Rear.

407k/507k Adaptor Plate: The adaptor plate from C&H Precision Weapons is for the Springfield Hellcat that comes with the RMSc optic cut in the slide. This plate allows you to mount a Holosun 507k or 407k to your Hellcat without any machining work to the gun. Comes with mounting screws and thread locking compound. THIS PLATE IS NOT REQUIRED IF YOU WANT THE SIG ROMEO ZERO OPTIC (If you do not add an optic to your cart as well, the plate will come in the box.)

Red Dot Optic: Sig Romeo Zero or the Holosun 407K. We have a limited number of 407K's available. If you are not able to complete your purchase with this selected, it is because we are out stock. We have more on order and will update stock accordingly. We do have Sig Romeo Zero's in stock.

Hyve Technologies Back Plate with LTT Logo: **NOTE: The Red anodized color of the back plate is a different hue than the APEX Red trigger. If color matching is important to you, we would recommend the Hyve upgrades with a Black Trigger**

Talon Evolution Grips: Includes the Mag Grip Pro and Pinky Extension Pro.

Add Laser Engraving: Choose from the LTT Logo, Custom Text, or a Custom Emblem of Your Choice!

The LTT Hellcat Pro ships with one (1) 15rd and one (1) 17rd magazine.


In Stock, shipping can take up to 4 weeks depending on customization options.

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