Ernest Langdon's 2024 PX4 Blackout

$2,125.00 - $2,595.00
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Ernest's PX4 Compact Carry and PX4 GSD Blackout

Introducing Ernest’s Langdon’s signature 2024 PX4 BLACKOUT, offered in both the Compact Carry and PX4 G-SD sizes!**

What’s included:

  • ArmorLube DLC treated slide, barrel and cam block. ArmorLube has a lower coefficient of friction and greater hardness than any other coating on the market and has withstood thousands of rounds on our test guns with almost no visible wear
  • Complete LTT Trigger Job: 
    • GrayGuns flat trigger
    • LTT Optimized Performance Trigger Bar and Match Hammer which dramatically shortens pre-travel and reduces the reset to 1/10 of an inch in single action
    • Chrome Silicon 11# hammer spring
  • LTT’s low RDO solution with an EPS Plate and EPS 6 MOA Red Dot Optic 
  • Patent-Pending Vantage Point Armory Compensator that reduces muzzle rise without impacting reliability
    • The PX4 GSD Full-Size compensator includes a Surefire X300T-A Pistol Light
    • The PX4 Compact Carry compensator includes a Streamlight TLR-7 SUB
  • Black Springer Precision Magwell, one 140mm extension and two flush base pads for the other two magazines
  • Rubber Talon grips
  • Engraved LTT logo 

Ernest has been a long proponent of Beretta DA/SA pistols for their accuracy, reliability, and safety. The PX4 has been near and dear to Ernest for over a decade, so the newest evolution of the platform was a natural choice as the base of his new signature gun. Both the new G-SD and the Compact Carry have evolved to be even more shootable, durable, and reliable.

The PX4 G-SD features a new heavy profile rotating barrel that further reduces recoil and muzzle rise, 2 full 17 round capacity magazines and with the Springer Magazine Extension kit, one 21-round magazine. 

 The Compact features a rotating 3.2” barrel, a 15+1 round capacity, an accessory rail, low-profile slide stop, and a cold hammer forged barrel for ultimate precision. Includes two 15rd magazines with Springer Precision base plates and one extended 19 round magazine. 

 **If you are looking to customize your own PX4 GSD, visit this page.**


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 Estimated Delivery Time:

  • Delivery time: 6-8 weeks (thank you for your patience!) 


For the Compact Carry, the TLR 7 Sub Model in the JM Custom Kydex AIWB Wing Claw 2.5 - Beretta PX4 Compact Carry Long with TLR 7 SUB. 

The X300U model will fit in the PHLSter Floodlight and Tier 1 Concealed MSP. Be aware the Floodlight can have compatibility issues with the standard LTT RDO Front sight but works with the EPS. 

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