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The Beretta Tomcat by LTT

Some say memes can only be dreams, but we disagree - At Langdon Tactical, Custom Without Compromise means making dreams a reality.  

The LTT Tomcat RDO begins as a suppressor ready Beretta 3032 Tomcat (chambered in .32 ACP). We add the LTT RDO Cut with a modified RMSc Footprint to fit the Holosun 407/507k & EPS optics, as well as the Sig Romeo, Sig Romeo Zero, Shield RMSc, and other RMSc footprint optics.
Additionally, we Carry Bevel the back of the slide to mitigate the sharp edges that often slide bite during operation and we top it all off with a basic Langdon Tactical Trigger Job that improves the smoothness and consistency of the trigger pull. 
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New to the Tomcat Platform? 
  • Lubrication: The Tomcat likes Oil! We highly recommend Lucas Extreme Gun Oil and lubricating the rails of the slide, recoil spring arm contact points (located at the front top corners of the grip panels)
  • Break In: We highly recommend a 50 round break-in on the Tomcat. 
  • Suppression: The Beretta 3032 Tomcat by LTT with RDO Cut will work with a suppressor. The Tomcat gun is a blowback operated gun with a fixed barrel. The Optic Lens of the RDO will need to be cleaned often, especially when using a suppressor. 
  • Grip: A couple mindful tips on grip, you will need to mindful of how high you get on the gun with your dominant hand - the gun is very small and it's easy to get the web of your hand behind the slide causing interference with how the gun functions. Additionally, you need to be aware of thumb pressure on the slide - it will induce malfunctions. 
Can you cut the Tomcat for a different optic footprint?
Not at this time. 

Will you be offering this on the Beretta Bobcat? 
Not at this time. Only the .32 ACP Tomcat is available from LTT or for custom gun work.
State Restrictions: All LTT Tomcat models ship with a threaded barrel.
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Tomcat FAQs
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