LTT Quick Guides: Why do we use NP3 & What is NP3?

Posted by Langdon Tactical on Jan 2nd 2024

Need help deciding whether or not to add the NP3 to your LTT firearm? Here are some reasons why we choose to use NP3 coating:

1. Corrosion Resistance: NP3 provides excellent corrosion resistance. Firearms, especially those carried for self-defense or used in harsh environmental conditions, can be exposed to moisture, sweat, and other corrosive elements. NP3 helps protect the coated components from corrosion, contributing to the longevity of the firearm.

2. Reduced Friction: NP3 has inherent lubricity, meaning it reduces friction between moving parts. This characteristic can result in smoother operation and improved cycling of the firearm. Reduced friction can also contribute to enhanced reliability and performance.

3. Durability: NP3 is known for its durability and wear resistance. The coating helps prevent wear and tear on firearm components, extending the service life of critical parts like the locking block, firing pin, hammer and extractor.

4. Easy Maintenance: Firearms with NP3-coated components are often easier to clean. The coating's properties reduce the adhesion of fouling and residue, simplifying the maintenance process.

5. Aesthetics: Our NP3 coating has a distinctive matte gray or silver appearance, providing a unique and attractive finish to the coated components. While aesthetics may not be the primary consideration, the visual appeal is an added benefit.

NP3 coating is a superior coating and when used in our 92's and PX4's you will notice a huge difference in smoothness and performance. for more information on NP3, head over to our FAQ page for more information.