LTT Quick Guides: All About Choke Tubes on the LTT 1301

Posted by Langdon Tactical on Jan 2nd 2024

The LTT 1301 Tactical is threaded for Beretta's Optima Choke system, and ships with a cylinder choke installed. 

If you're new to shotgun chokes, this is the tubular insert in the muzzle of the shotgun that determines how wide or constricted the shot pattern is. There are dozens of choke types, lengths, and options, however the cylinder choke (same diameter as the bore) is the standard recommendation for using slugs and buckshot, the two loads most common in tactical shotguns. 

It is not recommended to fire any shotgun that accepts chokes without a choke installed, as this may damage the muzzle of the firearm. Likewise, always confirm that the load you're using will not conflict with the choke you have installed prior to shooting. 

Note: The LE model 1301 does NOT accept chokes; it is permanently choked from the factory with a cylinder bore.