Custom Gun Work - NP3 + Trigger Job for the 92/96/M9

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NP3 Option includes an NP3 finish on all of the metal parts in the firearm, EXCEPT for the frame, slide, and barrel.

Includes all new parts listed below:
G Conversion Kit, Solid Guide Rod (Wilson Combat Fluted for Full-Size guns), Steel Trigger, Optimized Performance Trigger Bar, Oversized Mag Button, Elite II Hammer, Locking Block, US Lanyard Loop Pin, steel parts and pins. Does NOT include the Stainless Steel Grip Screws. The replaced parts in your gun will be returned to you with your gun.

The NP3 takedown lever, NP3 takedown button, and NP3 guide rod will not fit/function with the 92A1/96A1 pistols, and will not be included - the difference will reflect in your final payment. 

Custom Gun Work Ordering Instructions:

  1. Purchase the deposit package above, this will give you an LTT Order Number and a deposit on your Custom Gun Work. 
  2. Once the deposit has been placed, please download and fill out the Custom Gun Work Order form for your Beretta 92/96/M9. The Custom Gun Work order form Must be included with the firearm upon arrival to LTT. A copy of your Driver’s License or FFL (if being sent from an FFL) needs to be included as well.

  3. Securely package your firearm(s), any parts you are supplying, your CGW Order Form, and your driver's license, and ship it to the address on the order form - if you requested a shipping label, it will arrive via email within 24-48 hours. Return Shipping will be billed at time of shipment, we will ship it back overnight, signature required and bill you exact cost. 


Note: If selecting the Beretta Match Hammer you may have a lighter single action trigger pull weight than the standard ~3.5# pull weight. 

LEAD TIME: 4-8 Weeks from Receipt of Firearm

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  • 5
    NP3 & Trigger Job

    Posted by James Tucker on Dec 30th 2020

    I thought that I could shoot my M9A1 compact fairly well for targets, but less well in timed draw, fire, tactical reload, fire scenarios. Sending this weapon in to LTT was a FANTASTIC decision! Reducing & smoothing the trigger pull in double action, & minimizing the reset change the whole personality of the weapon, improving my confidence. I have improved my target groups; however, I GREATLY reduced my tactical shooting groups WHILE improving my times. This was a Christmas/ Birthday/Retirement/ Cancer remission present to myself. My only regret is NOT doing this earlier! Thanks LTT!

  • 5
    Np3 plus trigger job, cut and crown barrel, vz grips

    Posted by Cipriano Ramirez on Dec 18th 2020

    What an awesome job done on my 92fs inox, turn around time was under two weeks. DA Trigger pull is so light and reset is crisp. Love the whole look and feel.

  • 5
    Beretta 92x with trigger job and np3 finish

    Posted by Jim Breslin on Nov 5th 2020

    I purchased a 92x. Earlier this year because I thought it time to retire my 33 year old one. I never fired this new 92x , and wanted to get it worked on. I love the trigger job in a bag and the optimized bar with np3 for my px4 40’s so off goes my new 92x to LTT. t,. The gun came back to me about 4 later all dressed up and ready to go. I got to say I am very impressed with the looks. More importantly I am really impressed with the slide movement and trigger pull. The first time I took it out, I was only able to put 30 rounds thru it ( used it in a class) so couldn’t get a real feel for it. Took it out a second time and started to see how this gun handled. Third time out , if I would not have been wearing a mask you would have seen me smile big time. The action is silky soft And crisp. The trigger pull in double felt a little lighter than factory and the single action was just about 3# 9 oz.. I have been sidelined for the next 6 month ( shoulder repair ), so. I will update when I can hold on to a gun again. Overall I am impressed with this gun and the folks at LTT Thanks for the quick turnaround Wanted to shoot it asap Thanks, Jim breslin

  • 5
    NP3/Trigger job on my 92FS

    Posted by Mark B on Oct 29th 2020

    Just got back from the range checking out the LTT custom work on my 92. The DA & SA are noticeably smoother and the reset feels great. I really like the G conversion, which avoids inadvertent safety engagement, and the larger mag release button. Anxious to shoot a USPSA match and put the upgrades to the test. LTT turned around the gun so fast I couldn’t believe it. I wish they worked on more makes of guns.

  • 5
    NP3 Trigger Job for the Beretta M9

    Posted by Steve on Oct 15th 2020

    I have been reading articles about the Langdon Trigger job, and was impressed that Wilson Combat is sending some of their technicians for Langdon training so I decided to send in my M9 with a horrible trigger. It was like dragging a concrete block across the ground with your finger. Sent my M9 to Langdon for the NP3 job. I believe they had it for maybe 2 weeks and it was on the way back. When I got it, they also included all the MOVING PARTS and PINS that USED TO BE IN THE M9. Their NP3 trigger job can not be described by words, you have to experience it. First day, off to the range and at the 15yd 6" steel targets. 6 shots, 6 steel targets down, not bad for an older person (I passed my 70th Birthday a long long time ago). I allowed others to try the M9 also, and the results were the same, the trigger is so smooth and easy you can't believe your actually shooting a Beretta. My hat's off to Langdon and their fantastic trigger jobs, WAY TO GO

  • 5
    NP3 + Trigger Job for my 92x Compact

    Posted by Mark on Sep 4th 2020

    I got my 92x back in less than a week and it is absolutely beautiful. But more importantly, the trigger is smooth as hot butter :-) I have two 92's upgraded by LTT and my original plan was to upgrade the Compact and sell the full size, but now I can't part with either one! They also upgraded my PX4 Storm Compact Carry. I highly recommend LT.

  • 3
    NP3 + trigger job

    Posted by Michael J Black on Aug 26th 2020

    So far so good. I like the new look very much. The grips really add the appeal . The DA trigger pull is very smooth . the SA is also very smooth.

  • 5
    NP3 + Trigger Job For The 92/96/M9

    Posted by Dillon Springer on Aug 12th 2020

    Phenomenal work done to my 92FS INOX model. The trigger is simply incredible. Will be sending my black 92FS to Langdon Tactical for some work to be done soon.

  • 5
    Simply exceptional

    Posted by FS on Aug 3rd 2020

    I recently sent my 92 Inox Compact to the folks at LTT for a little love. I decide to go with the NP3 + Trigger Job package. I also asked them to install a spurless hammer while performing the work. The gun was not only back in my hands in less than a week but the work was phenomenal. Clean, buttery smooth double action. Stunningly short trigger reset and single action. And the NP3 parts compliment the Inox slide/frame combo very, very nicely. If you have an Inox 92, don't sweat whether the NP3 parts will be aesthetically pleasing. It looks fantastic. I've ordered plenty of parts from LTT in the past but this was my first gunsmithing work with them. My only real regret is not sending the gun in sooner.