2-Day Tactical Pistol Skills - Casa Grande, AZ - March 7-8, 2024

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2 - Day TACTICAL PISTOL SKILLS CLASS including a night shoot!

No prerequisite required. Fees include Range Fees

Location: Casa Grande, AZ 

Topics that will be covered:

Full Spectrum Trigger Control
Alternate Aiming Techniques
Cognitive Processing Drills and Decision Making
Self Analyzation for Maximum Improvement
Testing Subconscious Performance
Shooting at the Limit of Human Function
Shooting on the Move
Running and Shooting on Steel fast
One Handed Shooting
Dealing with Awkward Shooting Positions
Low-light techniques
Hand-held flashlight techniques
.... and more

Students will need:

  • High quality Semi Auto Handgun & 4 Magazines (Ability to take 40 rounds to the line)
  • Holster, Magazine Pouch for at least two magazines
  • Sturdy belt suitable for Holster and Magazine pouches
  • 1000 rounds of reliable ammunition
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Rain Gear (we will train rain or shine)
  • Flashlight - push-button tailcap activation
  • Weapon-mounted light (optional)


THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER CLASS. You need to be proficient and in control of your firearm, operation, holster, draws, etc. You need to be proficient in range rules and safety, while also being able to make an accurate shot on demand. If you cannot do these things, this class is not for you. PLEASE be honest with your skill level. You will be sent home if you are unsafe with your firearm.